When Sinoma promoted cross-cultural integration between China and Nigeria

The fact remains that China’s use of cross-cultural integration dates back almost to the beginning of the founding of the People’s Republic of China; it is not something invented by the Chinese government recently as the popular belief of China’s engagement in Africa via a well-established People-To-People Contact.

A look at several cases of current China’s cultural diplomacy shows that it wants to deepen relations through cultural penetration in their host countries. This has also been adopted by Chinese companies operating outside their domains. Prominent among them is Sinoma Nigeria Company Limited which organized a Cross Cultural Integration Open Day Ceremony for its workers to deepen relations for Shared Future. Sinoma requested them to come in their best outfits with their family members to interface with their Chinese counterparts for greater cultural mixing and appreciation. Ochiaka Ugwu was there and reports for Peoples Daily

Speaking during the event in Abuja, Executive Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Jackie Dai Hui said the event was put together to appreciate China, Nigeria commonalities which have a lot in common. He said that China has the highest population in the world and Nigeria highest in Africa with huge potentials associated with their synergy over the years.

According to Jackie, “Sinoma came to Nigeria in 2008 and was engaged in only construction, but today we have gone into a lot of things. We are the first State-Owned Chinse company to come to Nigeria. We have also invited so many companies to Nigeria as well. Stone cold roofing tiles and fiber ceiling board. We have between 4000 to 5000 Nigerian Staffers on our employ with about 2000 Chinese.

“We organized this open day to strengthen China, Nigeria relations which is getting better and better by the day. We have to establish friendship between China and Nigeria and that is why our boss from China Mr. Wang came to witness the event. This is to tell you the kind of importance we attached to it.  We invited all our staffers and their family members to come and interface with us and tell us how we have fared and the area we need to improve to serve Nigerians better.

Chinese workers in a group photo during an address by Executive Deputy Managing Director, Jackie Dai Dui

“All these are focused on promoting People To People Contacts for Shared Future. We will continue to invest in Nigeria with the aim of promoting its economy and uplift peoples’ life. We will continue to lift Nigerians out of poverty and spread prosperity.

“Above all, Nigeria has a lot in common with China. China is the most populated country in the world and in Asia, Nigeria is the largest in Africa. We have a lot to benefit working together as a people desirous of achieving good life for our peoples. We have a bright future working together. We are today celebrating together our collaborations which have really impacted the two nations. We will continue to share technology, discuss the experience of China in its development journey”.

However, Jackie stated that Sinoma products conform to quality and will never compromise standard noting that they source their raw materials from Nigeria thereby promoting local content and developing the nation.

“Nigeria is gifted with a lot of mineral resources and it is our wish that we can explore this for the good of all. Sinoma product is made in Nigeria with quality as its watchword. Nigerians love and prefer our Sinoma products due to its quality and affordability. We have the best roofing tiles and other products today and that is why we deeply penetrated the market, but we need more media support for people to know us.

“Due to acceptability of our products, we have spread to different parts of the country. We are in Sokoto, Kano, Lagos, Ogun, Calabar and Port Harcourt. We have distributors everywhere and presence in 30 States and FCT, we hope to expend to the remaining six states in near future.  Our product is sanctified with good technology and it is fireproof. Most of our competitors import their own products, but we are here and whenever you have any problem, you can walk straight to our factory and get it solved immediately.  Some of them can tell you is 50 years warranty, but sometimes it will begin rusting after two years and you can even experience leakages. But ours is 40 years warranty which has stood us out over the years.

“We don’t reduce quality for cost, all our products meet up with standard. Others may compromise quality for reduction of price, but Sinoma will never compromise standard. We conform to quality all the time and that is why Nigerian peoples patronize us all the time”.

Jackie who expressed his undying love for Nigeria and its peoples said that he has identified with peoples in terms of cultural integration by adorning their wears and even eating their foods.

He said that his relationship with his host communities is second to none. “We have done a lot to deepen relations, People-to-People Contact for Shared Future. We have always done cultural integration activities with our Nigerian staffers in a way of open day.

“We did roof works for a Government Day Secondary School when they have a problem with their classroom. This was done to change their working and living conditions for better. We also provided boreholes to our host communities. Before now, they trekked miles to fetch water until we came to their aid. Some of our workers have been sent to China to participate in one programme and another. In their area of carrier growth, Sinoma stands out and our staffers can testify to that” he noted.

Speaking on the future growth prospect in the next ten years, Jackie revealed that Sinoma will grow from strength to strength and will meet the yearning of Nigerian markets.  “You can see we just built this head office which I believe is befitting to our standard on the way the Nigerian public see us. I will assure that more and more Chinese companies will come to Nigeria to grow its economy and improve the quality of lives of its peoples.

“Today, Sinoma has about 4000 to 5000 Nigerian staff, I hope it will increase to more than 20, 000 in the next ten years. I believe that soon most Nigerian would like to work for Sinoma. Our aim is to be one of the biggest companies that will greatly contribute to Nigeria’s development and give meaning to the lives of Nigerians from far and wide” he concluded.

Deputy Executive Managing Director with some staff family members during the event

Speaking on behalf local staff, Human Resources & External Affairs Manager, Obiageli Henshaw (Oby) said that working with Sinoma has been very exciting as the experience is very inspiring and impacting having worked for eight years and half.  She noted that her length of service shows that Sinoma has been exceptionally good to local staff by supporting carrier growth, capacity building in the areas of training and retraining.

Oby who went down memory lane on her carrier growth from Admin Coordinator to Admin Manager and to her present position said that she and other local staff had enjoyed cordial relation with her employers and developed professionally.  Oby said Sinoma products are produced here in Nigeria with a lot of local content which develops our economy.

Human Resources & External Affairs Manager, Obiageli Henshaw (Oby) during her presentation.

“It is also cheaper and above all always stick to quality at all times. We are the only company producing roofing shits in Nigeria and many buildings roofed with Sinoma roofing tiles are still standing without any default. It shows we are real, valuing quality and living up to expectation of our customers.  More interestingly, Chinese Expatriates have been quiet cooperative with local staffers and have really tutored us on many things about the job” she stated.