Sen. Utazi wants all S’East Govs to Join APC

Sen. Chuka Utazi

Senator Chuka Utazi who represented Enugu North Senatorial district in the 8th and 9th Senate has called on the three South East governors of Abia, Anambra and Enugu States to join the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC to attract more democratic dividends for the zone.

Sen. Utazi said the South East region can’t afford to remain on the sideline anymore and “I joined the APC to redirect the south east and link up to the national grid and ensure that one day, an Igbo man will be the president.”

The former lawmaker who was a member of 8th and 9th Senate, made this known Saturday when he appeared on Freedom Square program on Solid FM 100.9FM, Enugu.

The Enugu State born politician said the South East as presently constituted can’t negotiate for anything at the centre and the Governors need to lead the charge.

“We should be nationaliatic about our politics and not limit ourselves to a small enclave. Five states, four political parties, where have you seen that kind of thing we don’t want it, we want to realign properly,” Utazi said.

“The Governors can’t do much if they’re not part of the government at the centre because Igbos as the 3rd leg of the tripod can’t be out of national politics. We need to constantly move to the party at the centre,” he said.

Senator Utazi emphasized the need for a paradigm shift in South East’s political landscape as that will guarantee economic growth as the state Government alone cannot solve our problems.

He added that in terms of infrastructure and appointments, the current administration has been fair to Igbos

“The first time in a very long time, an Igbo man is the Chief of Naval Staff. Look at the infrastructural revolutions going on in our region. These are some of the importance of joining the National Party to leverage federal resources for the benefit of the region,” he stated.

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