China demonstrates sincerity, sense of responsibility in openness, cooperation

Photo taken on Nov. 4, 2020 shows a light show themed on the third China International Import Expo at the Lujiazui area in east China’s Shanghai. (Photo by Zhang Mao/People’s Daily )

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Nov. 4 that the overwhelming trend for countries to move toward openness and cooperation remains unchanged, calling on all counties to come together to jointly tackle risks and challenges, strengthen cooperation and communication, and embrace greater openness.


Xi made the remarks in a keynote speech delivered via video link at the opening ceremony of the third China International Import Expo (CIIE) held in east China’s Shanghai, charting the course for building an open world economy and promoting common development of all countries.


At such a critical moment when the COVID-19 pandemic has added to the instability and uncertainty facing the world economy, humanity particularly needs to have a clear sense of direction with a shared future in mind.


All countries need to commit to mutual opening up that features shared benefits, shared responsibilities, and shared governance, Xi said, calling on all countries to stick to unity and cooperation to tide over this difficult period. Recognizing and riding the trend of the world and the times, Xi shared his profound insight into the lofty responsibility for the future of mankind.


China’s stance reflected the common aspirations of people of all countries and received warm responses from many foreign leaders.


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that facing unprecedented challenges, all countries should strengthen dialogue and cooperation within a stable multilateral framework based on rules and order.


Papua New Guinean Prime Minister James Marape emphasized that unilateralism and protectionism will never be the only answer to meet the challenges all countries are facing. More than ever, all countries need to uphold multilateralism, strengthen international cooperation and tide over the hard times that the world is facing, Marape added.


Those who can take advantage of favorable conditions will stay one step ahead, and those who can create the conditions will do great things.


As COVID-19 is plunging the world economy into the worst recession after the World War II, all countries face the formidable task to defuse risks and challenges and work together to promote global economic recovery. In this regard, all countries are in urgent need of the wisdom of seeing the trend and seizing the trend.


Xi’s following enlightening remarks embody China’s firm faith in mutual opening up.


“COVID-19 is a stark reminder that all countries are in a community with a shared future. No one can stay immune in a major crisis. Solidarity and cooperation is the right choice to make in meeting challenges.”


“We must uphold the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation. We need to build trust rather than second-guess each other; we need to join hands rather than throw punches at each other; and we need to consult rather than slander each other. Bearing in mind the common interests that bind us all, countries need to work together to make economic globalization more open, inclusive and balanced for the benefits of all.”


“Countries must work together as partners, with each shouldering its due responsibility. It is ill-advised to pursue unilateral dominance, or choose to hurt others’ interests, which diminishes one’s own interests.”


“We must not allow unilateralism or protectionism to undermine the international order and international rules. Rather, we need to reform the global economic governance system in a constructive way to better seize opportunities and avoid harm.”


The international community believes that China’s stance targets the pressing problems in the current world economic and social development, and represents the country’s consistent goal of realizing common development with other countries and advancing the well-being of mankind.


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said the concepts and initiatives China has proposed fully prove what President Xi often says, “China believes that everyone belongs to one family in a united world.”


Following the logic of history and the trend of the times in its pursuit of progress and development, China has always promoted mutual opening up of all countries through its own openness.


The fifth plenary session of the 19th Communist Party of China Central Committee specified that China would pursue high-standard opening-up and open up new prospects for win-win cooperation.


China has always kept its promise, as evidenced by the country’s efforts to overcome the challenges brought by COVID-19 and hold the third CIIE as scheduled.


The opening-up measures the country announced at the previous CIIEs have been implemented to the full. At the third CIIE, China put forward more measures such as nurturing new pacesetters of opening up, pursuing creative ways to grow foreign trade, keeping improving its business environment, and pursuing deeper bilateral, multilateral and regional cooperation. That’s another proof of China’s fulfillment of its commitments.


As a responsible major country, China has continued to expand opening up, which was widely acclaimed by the international community.


Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development said China’s share in global imports has continued to increase, and the country has become a source of stability for the world economy, considering many uncertainties the global economy in the future.


“Looking back at history, humanity has always been able to forge ahead despite risks, disasters and headwinds, and humanity shall and will continue to stride forward,” Xi said.


China’s concrete steps and achievements indicated that all countries can overcome any difficulty or hardship as long as they stick to the right direction and make concerted efforts.


It’s high time for all parties to show their sincerity and sense of responsibility in openness and cooperation to adapt to the normalized epidemic prevention and control and achieve global economic recovery in the post-COVID era.


China is willing to join hands with all other countries to bolster confidence and courage to tide over this difficult period together, and achieve win-win development by creating opportunities in opening up and tackling difficult problems through cooperation.

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