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Drug abuse: NDLEA arrests 5,000 offenders, convicts 500

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), says it has arrested no fewer than 5000.

Hostile intention hides in US “support” for WHO

Recently, Washington has been frequently showing its “care” and “support” for the WHO, which made.

Anti-science remarks and actions lead U.S. to wrong direction

As another attempt of the U.S. to politicize the COVID-19 origin tracing, representatives from the.

Principal of rural primary school realizes students’ football dream

Over the past 10 years, Ma Anwu, principal of Zhonglianchuan Primary School in Yuzhong county,.

Changes in Chinese countryside in the eyes of auto repair shop owner in Xinjiang

Tumanbay Yoldash, a 41-year-old owner of an auto repair shop in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur.

It’s clear who’s the one undermining the norms of science

A joint statement was issued Tuesday, July 27, in the name of so-called science officials.

China’s thriving foreign trade drives upgrading in ports

Ports in China are witnessing increasing cargo throughput, broadening sea routes, and constantly improving the.

Postgraduate students help vitalize rural areas in SW China’s Guizhou province

Since 2017, Guizhou University in southwest China’s Guizhou province has sent doctoral students and master’s.

The “leadership” the US plans to renew hurts the world

Different from its predecessor that frequently withdrew the US from international organizations and treaties, the.

Fifty countries confirmed participation in fourth CIIE

Over 50 countries have confirmed their participation in the country exhibition of the fourth China.