Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games bring more splendid life to Chinese

Photo taken on Nov. 27 shows the National Ski Jumping Center in Chongli, home to Beijing 2022’s Zhangjiakou competition zone. Photo by Chen Xiaodong/People’s Daily Online

China is currently in a thick atmosphere of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games as the event approaches. Athletes are going through intense preparation for the games, while citizens are inspired to invest more time in fitness programs. Besides, venues for the games have also been successively completed.

All these have led to a more splendid life of the Chinese nationals.

Liu Boqiang, who has been worked over 20 years for Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd., a Chinese listed steel manufacturer, has embraced a career transition because of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

Liu, 43, who used to work on the production lines of steel manufacturing, was among the earliest to sign up for an ice making training program organized by his company in 2017. In order to acquire the skill, Liu spends over a dozen hours a day in a stadium, carrying equipment that weighs more than 20 kilograms. He had walked nearly 150 kilometers in two months on a road outside the stadium to learn ice making for curling. The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games is like a new gate for him, through which he found a new life.

Xing Liang is an employee of the Beijing Capital Airport Aviation Security Company. Recently, he joined a skiing service team organized by the Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, a team that recruits highly skilled skiers from the society. The team offers ski training and serves national ski competitions. As a ski enthusiast, Xing always competes with advanced skiers. Now the team has offered a larger space for him to use his skiing skills.

Wang Pu and Cu Lixin are a young couple that work for the construction of the National Ski Jumping Center in the Zhangjiakou competition zone of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. The wife Cui is from the budget department, and her husband Cui is a surveyor. They have been working at the construction site for over 300 days, where sunburn is very common. They believe that to struggle for a shared destination is what youth should be like.

Enthusiasm in ordinary life – that’s a similar but unique feeling of the Chinese brought by the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. Looking into 2022, they can sense the thick atmosphere of the games, and are working to contribute to the games and struggling for a better life.

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