Zhejiang province establishes “medical grand bazaar” for Xinjiang residents

Lou Pengcheng, expert of pediatric intensive care medicine assisting Xijiang Uygur autonomous region from east China’s Zhejiang province is checking a patient at Aksu First People’s Hospital. (Photo by Zhejiang News)

“Medical grand bazaar,” an innovative medical tour offered by medical staffs assisting China’s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region from Zhejiang province, is winning the hearts of many in Aksu prefecture in mid-western Xinjiang.

Visiting bazaars, a type of enclosed market place or street usually seen in Xinjiang where goods and services are exchanged, is a routine for many local residents. That’s why the assisting medical workers from Zhejiang are making their services into a “grand bazaar,” not only by the name, but also the meticulous services. The “medical grand bazaar” offers a series of medical services, including checkups, examinations, health consulting, pharmacy, psychological counseling and acupuncture, creating an experience just like bazaar-visiting.

Turhan Rozi, 75, is a woman from Aksu who always suffered hypertension, diabetes and cholecystitis. With her husband passing away and children working out-of-town, seeing a doctor was like a mission impossible for her.

It was the “medical grand bazaar” that alleviated her problems. After learning her information, Zhejiang medical experts of internal medicine, surgical medicine, ophthalmology, ultrasonography and radiology worked in collaboration and formulated detailed treatment plans.

“It was really not easy for me to go to major hospitals. I’m so touched that you guys came to me and offered free treatment. Thank you so much,” the senior told the medical staff.

Xinjiang is a broad region where residents living in remote and border areas are still facing insufficient medical resources despite the stationing medical experts in Aksu. Therefore, Zhejiang province specifically allocated a fund to the “medical grand bazaar,” supporting it to buy a touring bus equipped with advanced medical devices, which allows the medical staff high mobility.

The high-quality medical services provided by the “medical grand bazaar” have practically solved the issues faced by residents in border areas, for instance, the lack of medical resources, high medical expense, and poverty led by illness. Besides, the bazaar also makes subsequent visits to patients with mobility difficulties, so that they can enjoy medical services without even stepping out of their homes.

Launching free treatment and health screening activities in remote and border areas, the “medical grand bazaar” is able to identify the groups that cannot receive timely medical services and thus help them in a targeted manner through funds and poverty alleviation programs.

Lithiasis, oral diseases, and eye diseases are of high incidence in Aksu. To solve the problem, Zhejiang constantly sent medical workers to the prefecture with a series treatment plans that suited the residents in the region. In addition, a large batch of local medical personnel were trained, so as to bring high-quality medical services to more residents.

The “medical grand bazaar” has made 766 tours to rural areas, mountains, pasturing areas, border regions, military camps, and schools, serving over 15,000 people and giving out 140,000 yuan ($21,613) worth of free drugs.

“The walls of hospitals contained our assistance. We must go out to people’s homes and spread our love to every corner of Xinjiang,” said Tu Jianfeng, head of the “medical grand bazaar.”

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