White paper on battle against COVID-19 an authentic record of China’s arduous efforts

By People’s Daily
The State Council Information Office of China on June 7 published a white paper on the country’s battle against COVID-19. The white paper, titled “Fighting COVID-19: China in Action,” consists of four parts: “China’s Fight against the Epidemic: A Test of Fire,” “Well-Coordinated Prevention, Control and Treatment,” “Assembling a Powerful Force to Beat the Virus,” and “Building a Global Community of Health for All.”
The white paper keeps a record of the country’s efforts in its own fight against the virus, shares the country’s experience with the rest of the world, and clarifies the country’s ideas on the global battle.
The document is an important and authentic record of China’s arduous efforts to fight the disease, presenting the country’s strength, spirit and efficiency in an objective manner and manifesting the magnificent and melting spirit of the Chinese people. It has struck a chord across the country and triggered wide attention from the international society.
The Covid-19 global pandemic, the most extensive one to afflict humanity in a century, is a serious crisis for the entire world and a daunting challenge. Facing the sudden onslaught of a previously unknown virus, the Chinese people united as one, and adopted the most extensive, stringent, and thorough containment measures under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core. They achieved a major strategic success in the nationwide control efforts at huge cost and sacrifices.
The daunting challenge fully proved that the leadership of the CPC,the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the governance system of China are of strong vitality and advantages, and are able to tackle any challenge and obstacle and make major contribution to the progress of human civilization.
“Nothing matters more than people and life. We will stop at nothing to protect our people’s life and health.”
What Chinese President Xi Jinping noted is a core philosophy that guided China’s battle against COVID-19, and a fundamental reason for the country to have contained the virus in a short period of time. He has emphasized at the very beginning of the epidemic that people’s lives and health must come first.
China mobilized the best doctors using the most advanced equipment, and critical supplies were pooled to save lives at all costs. It has ensured that all those in need have been tested, quarantined, hospitalized or treated, from an infant to a centenarian, and the cost was all shouldered by the country. The country adhered to cross-region joint prevention and control and society-wide efforts to contain the virus. Relying on the people, it built tremendous power against the virus.
After weathering the epidemic, the Chinese people have keenly realized that the CPC leadership is the most reliable shelter against storms. Their trust in and support for the Party have increased, along with their confidence in China’s political system.
Coronavirusis raging all over the world, and lives are being lost every day. Which route shall we take? Shall we uphold science and rationality, or shall we manufacture political disputes? Strengthen unity and cooperation, or seek isolation? Promote multilateral coordination, or pursue unilateralism? Every country has a choice to make.
China has been carrying out exchanges and cooperation with the international community from the outset. It has strengthened high-level communication, shared information, and cooperated in scientific research with international organizations and other countries, and done all it can to provide assistance, contributing ingenuity and strength to the global fight against the coronavirus.
Solidarity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons available to the international community in the war against the pandemic. What we do today determines how we will fare in the future. China believes that all countries should make the choice that is right for the interests of all humanity and the wellbeing of our future generations. Upholding the vision of a global community of shared future, we should support each other and join hands to contain the spread of the virus, and protect the health and wellbeing of people across the globe.
The Chinese nation has never been driven down by adversity. The more daunting the challenge, the greater the courage it has mustered. Overcoming difficulties has helped China to grow stronger. Confronted by this virus, the Chinese people have joined together as one and united their efforts. They have succeeded in containing the spread of the virus. In this battle, China will always stand together with other countries.
The sun will always shine again after a storm. As long as the people of the world can cherish hopes and dreams, can embrace the idea of a global community of shared future, and can unite in pursuit of a common goal, we will be able to overcome all our current difficulties and challenges, and build a better world for all.

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