Western interference in China’s internal affairs won’t work

By Zhou Hanbo, People’s Daily
Foreign experts are calling for an end to the violence committed by radical demonstrators in Hong Kong and denouncing external forces behind the protests.
Hong Kong was engulfed in violence as radical demonstrators blatantly violated the law in order to achieve their goals. Due to illegal and violent demonstrations at the Hong Kong airport, hundreds of flights were cancelled, and a large number of passengers were stranded, which not only caused huge losses, but also seriously violated the right of other people to travel.
Jamshed Ulmasov, president of Tajikistan’s Avesta News Agency, said the international community shows great concern about the illegal and violent protests in Hong Kong.
“The rule of law is above everything else. Anyone who exercises personal rights must abide by the law and not harm the interests of others,” said Ulmasov.
The illegal and violent acts conducted by those who attempt to hurt other people’s interests and disrupt social order in the name of exercising individual rights are absolutely not allowed and can’t be accepted, he said.

Ulmasov believes that the actions taken by Hong Kong police are completely legal. It is a universal practice that police officers take enforcement actions against violations of laws. This should not be criticized or slandered.
Ulmasov took the illegal demonstrations in Italy, Germany and other Western countries as an example, saying relevant government departments took all necessary measures permitted by laws, including by force, to control the situation.
“If the government does not stop violence in time, the chaotic situation is very likely to deteriorate,” Ulmasov pointed out.
Calling for vigilance against distorted reports from certain Western media, he stressed that it has been unfortunate they failed to report China from all angles, but focused only on the protesters and deliberately ignored the voice of the government. For certain purposes, few Western journalists are willing to fully and objectively understand what is happening in Hong Kong.

“The current situation in Hong Kong, China is heartbreaking,” said Rashid Alimov, former Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, when meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to Tajikistan Liu Bin.
Hong Kong is a beautiful, stable and prosperous international metropolis, and the people there are kindhearted and hospitable. After returning to the motherland, it has become even more vital, and is embracing unprecedented development opportunities. The people of Hong Kong also enjoy the rights that were previously unimaginable in the colonial period.
The recent illegal and violent demonstrations in Hong Kong have astonished the international community. This situation should not happen in Hong Kong, a society with the rule of law, Alimov noted.
It can be seen that some countries do not want Hong Kong to become more and more prosperous and more stable under the guidance of the “one country, two systems” principle. So they implement the ‘long-arm jurisdiction’ and unscrupulously intervene in Hong Kong affairs.
Certain countries are blatantly supporting violent acts and interfering in other countries’ internal affairs under the banner of “democracy” and “freedom”, which runs counter to international law and the norms of international relations.

The international community believes that the Chinese government has the determination and ability to continue to maintain Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability, Alimov said.

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