US interference in Hong Kong affairs reveals hegemony

By Zhi He
Sovereignty equality and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs are basic principles of contemporary international law and basic norm of modern international relations.
However, for a period of time, some US politicians interfered in China’s domestic affairs amid the recent protests in Hong Kong despite China’s solemn position, frequently making irresponsible remarks and improper comments on the Hong Kong affairs and stirring troubles in the city.
What’s worse, almost all government departments of the US moved to put pressure on China and China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) in an attempt to roil the city and make it a bargain chip against China.
These US politicians are purely calling white black and seeking hegemony. For the last few days, they did all they could to defame the Hong Kong police who held fast to their duties, responded to the violence with restraint and strove to safeguard rule of law and the social order of Hong Kong, which presented a sharp contrast to their ignorance on the lawless violence of the radicals and Hong Kong’s mainstream public opinion of stopping violence and restoring order.

These US politicians have confused right and wrong, and attempted to plunge Hong Kong into turmoil. They met with the protest leaders time and again, supported the violent radicals and their illegal acts, and flagrantly disrupted Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability.
As a matter of fact, they are fully aware of the violent radicals’ acts to trample on the rule of law and disturb the social order of Hong Kong.
It is a worldwide consensus that violence is toxic for a society ruled by law, and turbulence is a nightmare for development and prosperity. These US politicians will never tolerate those who trample on the rule of law and disrupt the social order in their own country. However, they will never do the same when it comes to other countries.
On Hong Kong affairs, these US politicians praised “the extraordinary outpouring of courage from people of Hong Kong”, and even incited the violent radicals to cross the red line.
Some of them called the demonstrations in Hong Kong “a beautiful sight to behold”, slandered that “Beijing tries to encroach on Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedom”, and publicly described the US diplomats’ meeting with anti-China rioters as “ what American diplomats do every single day around the world.”
Such blatant attempt to harbor the radicals and connive in their lawless activities is to openly incite violent confrontation. By doing so, some US politicians fully exposed their pride, prejudices, hypocrisy, cold-bloodedness, selfishness and rudeness.
What they have said and done is insupportable even for some western media. As a German press noted, the US administration’s interference in Hong Kong affairs with the hauteur of an empire has violated the international convention.
Interfering in the domestic affairs of other countries is the root cause of worldwide turmoil, and the US is globally notorious for such tricks.
In the past decades, the US created a series of color revolutions that dragged many countries and regions into the mire of political unrest and economic stagnation and left numerous people homeless.
Hong Kong people should be fully aware of the ruse given what has happened to the world and the current circumstance in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong is part of China. Its future and fate is in the hands of the entire Chinese people including the Hong Kong compatriots.
Those who assume to manipulate Hong Kongs future and turn the citys prosperity and stability, as well as the wellbeing of seven million Hong Kong people into the bargaining chips have underestimated the determination and will of Chinas central government and Chinese people to safeguard the countrys fundamental interests.
They have also underrated the countrys powerful force of righteousness to protect Hong Kongs rule of law and stability.
Those US politicians are warned to stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and Chinas domestic affairs. Otherwise, they will face severe confrontation from the entire Chinese people including Hong Kong compatriots.
(Source: Peoples Daily)

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