U.S. fallacies on China will never sell

By Zhong Sheng
Senior officials of the U.S. once again attacked China’s political system, as well as the country’s domestic and foreign policies, at the recent 56th Munich Security Conference (MSC).
Such lies reflected their political prejudices against China, and fully exposed their paranoia and hypocrisy. The unnerving silence at the conference hall after they finished their speeches was sarcastic, while the refutation made by other attendants during the Q&A session well explained with whom justice stands.
At the MSC, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi made hypes on China’s tech firm Huawei and 5G technology, comparing normal technology cooperation between enterprises to export of social system, which revealed her insanity in oppressing Chinese enterprises.
What’s absurd is that her remarks suit perfectly the practices of her own country. The U.S. PRISM surveillance scandal is known throughout the world. In this program the U.S. government tracked nearly 5 billion phone calls around the world on a daily basis, and monitored the phones of national leaders for more than 10 years. Recently, the country was once again reported to have long controlled foreign companies and stole 120 countries’ confidential information.
Of course, no one is going to buy such groundless rhetoric made by the U.S. – a “hacker” who can barely conceal its hypocrisy and anxiety, and is tripped by its own practices.
The European Union, the UK and Germany made it clear that they will not rule out certain companies on 5G construction, and UK officials said bluntly that the U.S. failed to offer solid evidence.
It indicates the long-lasting disreputation of the U.S. on cyber security. The improper remarks made by the country will never be supported no matter how hard it tries to sell them.
At the MSC, U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo put on a ridiculous “duet”, with one fanning up the “China threat” and the other preaching “the West is winning”. On the one hand, they made the nonsense that China’s admission to the WTO was a benefit offered by the U.S.; on the other hand, they claimed that China is interfering with U.S. internal affairs. They told the meeting that the U.S. does not seek conflict with China, but later spared no effort to start provocation. These self-contradictory remarks were ridiculous, and only revealed the ugliness of arrogant hegemonism.
What effects has this “show” achieved? According to American political opinion website The Politico, both Esper and Pompeo’s remarks to smear China at the MSC were not recognized by most of the European Union countries. Such situation tells that the calculations of these American politicians will never defeat justice.
Equity and justice shall never be absent from this world, and there will always be voices safeguarding them.
German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier criticized the U.S. administration at the MSC for rejecting “even the idea of an international community.” French President Emmanuel Macron put it clear that Europe has different expectations with the U.S.
“But even the conference host, Wolfgang Ischinger, a veteran German diplomat, couldn’t help but push back against the American torrent,” said an article on the website of U.S. magazine Foreign Policy. The American Conservative noted that “As we look back on the record of how the U.S. and our allies have behaved over the last 30 years, respect for other nations’ sovereignty is not what we see.”
Every country enjoys the right to independently develop, and its people enjoy the freedom to pursue a happy life. China’s development goes with global peace and justice, and is a natural step of the history that no force is able to stop. The by-hook-or-by-crook practices of the U.S. will only present China’s rapid development in a clearer image.
More and more members of the international society are expressing discontent with the improper remarks and practices of the U.S. High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell noted that the recent criticisms and accusations against China from individual countries are out of jealousy for China’s development success.
Cold War mentality and zero-sum games, as well as the outdated political prejudices and lies cause nothing but damage. The U.S. politicians will finally realize, in a desolate manner, that what goes against history will never make history, and the world will not join them in reversing the history.
Just as what the Munich Security Report 2020 points out, some of the world’s most important challenges cannot be solved by the West alone, and dealing with the implications of this new era will require cooperation with countries of different social systems.
There’s no doubt that the international society welcomes China’s development, and expects countries of different social systems to coexist peacefully and cooperate for win-win results. In the face of the increasingly complex security and development challenges, countries must seek common ground while shelving differences and take concrete actions to build a community with a shared future for mankind.
(Zhong Sheng is a pen name often used by People’s Daily to express its views on foreign policy.)

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