Traditional Chinese medicine impresses patients in Mauritius

Photo shows Xue Renyan decocts traditional Chinese medicine for patients with a special machine. (Photo courtesy of China-Mauritius Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Established and put into operation in Mauritius last year, the China-Mauritius Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine, is the first platform in Africa to exhibit and promote traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

The center, founded by Yueyang Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine (Yueyang Hospital) of China and City Clinic Group in Mauritius, has treated many patients in Mauritius, and even other countries in Africa.

Hu Binglin and Wang Xiaosu, both chief physicians with the Yueyang Hospital, as well as Xue Renyan, a pharmacist from Shanghai Cai Tongde Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., were among the first group of pioneers of the center.

Hu is highly skilled at acupuncture and Tuina massages. He served as a member of the Chinese medical team in Morocco for two years and had once worked for the China Women’s National Football Team.

After being treated by Hu, Abdullah, a local jockey, who suffered from serious lumbar disc herniations, found his pain was greatly relieved. Meanwhile, the patient is able to straighten himself up and no longer has to arch his back while walking. Three months later, he was fully recovered and could even join horse racing again. “Hadn’t I experienced it myself, I would never believe it,” Abdullah said.

Wang, an expert in treating spleen and stomach diseases by combining Chinese and Western medicines, has not only gained a wide knowledge of TCM, but also is proficient in gastroscopy and enteroscopy diagnosis and treatment.

After being examined by Wang with gastroscopy technique, a patient named Odiah was diagnosed with gastric ulcer, or deficiency of spleen and stomach caused by stomachaches as TCM practitioners call it.

Before that, Odiah had constant stomachaches for half a year and the medicine he took didn’t work. However, after taking the traditional Chinese medicine prescribed by Wang, he felt better soon and was impressed by the effect.

During Covid-19 prevention and control, the center has kept in contact with Yueyang Hospital and the medical workers sent by the hospital to assist Wuhan, central China’s Hubei province. While learning from their first-hand experience in combating the virus, the center has given presentations and lectures on preventing and controlling the pandemic.

During more than 70 days of the local lockdown amid the pandemic, experts at the center have overcome the shortage of medical and daily necessities and other difficulties, stuck to their posts, and maintained the normal operation of outpatient clinics.

Meanwhile, they have responded to dozens of remote medical consultations every day and conducted medical lectures, providing medical support for local people, Chinese-funded institutions and enterprises, and Chinese people in Mauritius.

Wang, together with other medical workers in Mauritius, has also collected materials and reports on TCM preventing and treating the pneumonia and submitted them to the Mauritian government.

The practice of the Chinese medical workers manifested the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, according to Prithvirajsing Roopun, President of Mauritius, who expressed thanks to all Chinese departments for their support in the country’s fight against the epidemic.

The experts at the center are both skillful and responsible, winning popularity among the locals in Mauritius, said Patrick J. Chui Wan Cheong, Chairman of City Clinic Group.

“As a messenger of health in building the Belt and Road, I hope to do my part in helping Mauritius combat the COVID-19 epidemic,” Hu told People’s Daily.

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