Third CIIE introduces “cloud signing”, ready to embrace another success

By Wang Junling, People’s Daily Overseas Edition
The previous two sessions of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in 2018 and 2019 both ended up as top-tier events for the business world. And this year, the trade fair is also expected to make a splash.
The registration of the third CIIE is currently in full swing, and the event has introduced “cloud signing” to address the growing need of the exhibitors amid the ongoing novel coronavirus epidemic. Multiple world-renowned enterprises have confirmed participation, and are now working on relevant plans.
So far, more than 1,000 exhibitors worldwide have signed up for the third CIIE, with more than half of the exhibition space designated – a process faster that the event’s two predecessors.
Global enterprises stay upbeat about the trend for China’s mid- and long-term economic growth, and are actively making deployment in the country for more opportunities, despite the near-term impacts from the epidemic on China’s economic operation.
A needle for insulin injection named “Nanopass Jr.” received wide attention at the second CIIE last year for its 0.18-millimeter outer diameter. The product produced by Japan’s Terumo Group was hailed as the tiniest futuristic tech displayed at the event. At present, the Japanese company is in full preparation for the exhibition this year.
Shibazaki Takanori, Senior Executive Officer of Terumo (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. said the company appreciates the CIIE for offering them an opportunity to bring their products to China, and this year, Terumo’s remarkable technologies will be once again presented to the Chinese consumers with the utmost sincerity.
Shibazaki told People’s Daily that China demonstrated admirable execution in the fight against the novel coronavirus, and his company has donated 8.43 million yuan of medical equipment to the country.
Though the epidemic poses challenges for the business exhibition sector of the event, it is also in some sense bringing opportunities, said Zhou Lingyan, deputy general manager of the CIIE department of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).
Enterprises in the health sector are grabbing the chance to expand their market in China, and many in the tech equipment, automobile, consumer goods, food & farm produce and clothing industries are also trying to offset the impacts from the epidemic and further their business by participating in the grand event.
President and CEO of L’Oreal China Fabrice Megarbane said he was impressed by the resolution, efficiency and decisiveness showcased by the Chinese government, the unity and courage of the Chinese people, and the dedication and collaboration of the medical staff and military.
The policies rolled out by relevant Chinese departments to relieve enterprises’ burdens and ensure their operation beefed up the confidence of L’Oreal to invest in China, Megarbane noted.
China is a vast country with 1.4 billion people and the world’s second largest economy that yielded nearly 100 trillion yuan of GDP last year. The country, home to the world’s largest group of middle-income earners, is also the world’s largest manufacturer and trader of goods. Its utilization of foreign capital and the volume of outbound investment rank among the largest in the world. The vast sea of Chinese economy is creating ceaseless opportunities for global enterprises.
China’s consumption demand is continuously upgrading as the country’s economy grows rapidly, which makes the Chinese market both a stimulator and destination for innovation of global enterprises, said Rene Co, vice president of Communications at P&G Greater China, adding the company will stay optimistic, as it always has, about the long-term development of the Chinese economy and market opportunities.
The company believes that the epidemic will soon come to an end under the guidance of the government, and the market will once again be activated, he said.
Managing Director and Head of Eurazeo China Eddie Chen said that the Chinese market is extremely tempting for foreign investment, and its economic resilience shall not be underestimated. He told People’s Daily that the third CIIE will once again offer the world a window on China, and Eurazeo is currently selecting quality companies from Europe to enter the Chinese market.


select commodities at an exhibition area for Indian products of the Yiwu International Trade Mart District 5, eastern China’s Zhejiang province as the wholesale market reopens on Feb. 24. Photo by Lyu Bin, People’s Daily Online

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