Some Westerners show double standards, hypocrisy on Xinjiang-related issues: expert

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin made remarks on “Fact Check: Lies on Xinjiang-related issues versus the truth”, an article published by Xinhua News Agency on February 5, saying this reality check comes at a good time. “The article contains both solid data and detail-rich stories, which pointedly debunks some typical rumors and lies about Xinjiang like the BBC report,” said Wang.


Zhao Suisheng, executive director of the Center for China-US Cooperation at the University of Denver, said that this reality check lists the facts in detail. The Uyghur population in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has been growing steadily in recent years, according to official statistics. The growth rate of the Uyghur population is not only higher than that of Xinjiang’s total population, but also higher than that of all ethnic minority groups. These data strongly illustrate the facts. This is also the best way to expose those Western lies.


Zhao noted that the accusations made by some Westerners against China on Xinjiang-related issues are absolutely groundless. “These accusations are simply fantastic, even ridiculous. Anyone who has a basic understanding of China would know that these accusations are not the truth,” said the renowned international relationship expert.


“Some Western politicians try hard to interfere in China’s internal affairs and make groundless accusations against China in some issues like human rights, but when racial conflicts, social injustice and divisions occur in the US, they would turn a blind eye to what’s actually happening. Those Western politicians operate double standards and are really hypocritical,” said Zhao.


Sound international relations can never be achieved by smears and confrontations. Zhao called on countries to show understanding toward each other and make fair judgments on some issues rather than slander others without a grasp of facts.

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