National Flag, most nation’s distinctive icon, identity – Foundation

Director General of the Foundation, Chris Agiri J.N, Esq (Centre) addressing audience during the event. addressing the

Flag Foundation of Nigeria, a Non-Governmental Organisation had urged Nigerians to understand that the (Green and White) Nigeria National Flag was nation’s most distinctive icon and most powerful identity that is owned and shared by all Nigerians.

In press conference addressed in Abuja Thursday to draw attention on the planned National Flag Awareness Campaign, Director General of the Foundation, Chris Agiri J.N, Esq tasked all institutions of state to take the first step to reinvent the wheel of national progress and a shared commitment to make Nigeria work.

Agiri said that Nigerians must realize that when raised the flag, we raised our collective identity and shared heritage above the narrowing prisms of tribe, religion, language, ethnicity, culture and traditions, which was a stark reminder that in the eyes of the world, we are all first, foremost Nigerians.

While saying that it was the above rationale that had birthed the National Flag Awareness Program, he noted the Program has been initiated to effectively inspire hope and rejuvenate citizen’s commitment and confidence in the Nigerian state.

Agiri informed that the ultimate goal was to make patriotism the trade mark of every Nigerian, subdue ethnic consciousness, and inculcate true patriotic spirit and abiding Nationalism in all Nigerians, as encapsulated in the old National Anthem.

He revealed that in the past 18 years, the foundation had given out over 10 million handhelds & outdoor national flags and other materials.

Agiri urged Nigerians to be proud and create awareness of the National Flag color in every aspect of life endeavors  to ensure global promotion of the country.

He disclosed that flag awareness campaign would be taken to schools, religious houses, market squares and corporate organizations.

According to him, National Flag Awareness Programme is designed to; Physically demonstrate the spirit of patriotism by proudly display re-awakening of national consciousness in all well meaning Nigerians.

Agiri added that, The campaign will involve the participation of the three tiers of governments, federal, state and the 774 local government level, the three arms of government, religious and traditional institutions including schools at all levels, CBO’s, CSO’s, NGO’s, friends of Nigeria, the Diaspora community, Political Parties as well as, the organised private sector that will run from October 2023 to October 2024.