Cash crunch: Politician calls for election postponement

Chief Dr. Mrs. Ebiti Ndok Jegede

Founder and Chairperson of the defunct United National Party for Development, Chief Dr. Mrs. Ebiti Ndok Jegede has called for the postponement of 2023 general elections slated for this Saturday, February 25, 2023 saying that cash crunch currently experienced would hinder participation.

Jegede in a press conference addressed in Abuja Thursday said that cashless environment we found ourselves would automatically prevent people from accessing their polling Units thereby hindering participation of citizens at the polls.

Her words, “Elections have to be postponed to encourage popular participation and to ensure that no one is disenfranchised. How does one get to his polling unit without money? We must get it right this time around otherwise; it would be termed outright rigging of Nigerians in their own election.  The election date is not cast on stone. It means that it can be changed

“Banks are being burnt, people are protesting everywhere. All these show that we are not ready for election. More importantly, money has hindered women from participating in the election. In 2011, women were supported with logistics to run for elections. It was a very good outing for the women and the nation” she said.

Jegede who spoke under the auspices of Concerned Nigerian Citizens noted that the precarious situation would disenfranchise and further dehumanize Nigerians saying that people were already afraid of the developments.

Ndok-Jegede who  ran for presidency in the 2011 presidential election under the platform of the United National Party for Development, a party she once served as National Chairman lamented the relegation of women to background due lack of access to finance, called for level playing field that will accommodate all.

She called on President Muhammadu Buhari to assess the prevailing circumstance with the aim of bettering the situation that will ensure popular participation for all Nigerians irrespective of gender, tribe, religion and political affiliation.




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