N100m not paid as ransom to release Chinese — Chamber of Commerce

The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Nigeria has declared as untrue of the much publicized payment of N100 million to secure the release of a Chinese national abducted in Ekiti State recently.

Debunking the report, the Chamber in a press statement in Abuja Thursday dismissed the report of ransom payment as unsubstantiated and irresponsible as it has been discredited by Ekiti State Police Command.

The statement noted the public dissemination and circulation of such unverified misinformation is certainly acquiescence towards such felony offenses, posing severe potential security risks towards the Chinese business community, and rendering grave threat towards every single diligent Chinese expatriate and other foreign nationals living in Nigeria.

The statement read, “The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce has recently noticed a news report publicized by various Nigerian media outlets, which quoted a so-called insider disclosure of an astronomical ransom paid to kidnappers in Ekiti State during the rescue operation of one unfortunate Chinese abductee.

“The so-called “disclosure” has already been debunked by the Ekiti State police authority. And after seeking verification from the involved company and various sources, the Chamber has confirmed that the narrative in the reports contradicts with fact in many ways and is far from being authentic.

“Furthermore, such report would tarnish the reputation of Nigeria’s business environment, which is gradually improving under the co-endeavor of the federal government and every patriotic Nigerian, causing great panic and hesitation among potential foreign investors.

“The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce hereby calls for serious attention from our media friends towards this issue and has full confidence that it would be addressed appropriately. The Chamber and all Chinese enterprises in Nigeria remain committed to building Nigeria and sharing future with Nigerians. At the same time, it is devoted in maintaining cordial and ever-lasting relations with Nigerian media” the statement concluded.