Medical assistance to Africa remains vital for securing victory over COVID-19

By Wang Zefei
“We are gravely concerned with the serious risks posed to all countries, particularly developing and least developed countries, and notably in Africa and small island states,” leaders of the Group of 20 (G20) said in a joint statement recently issued on COVID-19.
“We consider that consolidating Africa’s health defense is a key for the resilience of global health.”
The special attention paid to Africa reflects the consensus reached by each party to cope with the health crisis with solidarity, and also highlights the importance of global assistance to Africa which plays a significant role in securing the final victory over the COVID-19 pandemic.
Virus respects no border, and only international cooperation can help the world defeat it.
At the recent G20 Extraordinary Virtual Leaders’ Summit on COVID-19, Chinese President Xi Jinping called on the world to help developing countries with fragile public health systems enhance response capability. His proposal powerfully consolidated the solidarity of the international community to fight the pandemic, and is of great practical significance for patching up the weaknesses of global public health.
To offer assistance to those in need within the best ability and join hands with African countries to fight the pandemic are exactly what’s needed at present.
The first batch of donation of test kits from China to the Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) had arrived in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia a month ago, and since then follow-up donations of medical materials to African countries kicked off in batches.
Chinese disease control experts had a video conference with representatives from Africa CDC and over 20 African countries to share China’s experience and discuss solutions. The majority of the $20 million China donated to the WHO will also be used to aid developing countries including those in Africa.
Besides, Chinese provinces, municipalities, enterprises, as well as overseas Chinese associations are also mobilized to help Africa under the guidance of Chinese government, contributing to Africa’s efforts to fight the pandemic through multiple forms and channels.
China is in a leading position to assist Africa amid COVID-19 from almost all aspects, including material donation, information exchange, experience sharing, private sector mobilization and third-party cooperation with international organizations.
The assistance coming from thousands of miles away indicates the sincere friendship between China and Africa, as the two parties have always been a pair of good friends, partners and brothers that support each other and offer mutual assistance.
African countries and organizations have provided powerful and valuable support for China in various forms since the country was hit by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, and this friendship will never be forgotten by Chinese government or society. China’s assistance to Africa demonstrates morality, responsibility and vision. It shows China’s care for the world by offering timely help, as well as a global vision that enables it to provide mutual assistance to cope with the current difficulties. By standing firmly with Africa, China has perfectly illustrated their brotherly friendship with which the two sides share weal and woe.
Cooperation is the only right choice to cope with major public health security crisis. Six years ago, China showed its righteousness and caring as the first country to assist Africa in combating the Ebola virus. This time, it once again lent a hand to Africa in controlling the novel coronavirus and upgraded China-Africa cooperation on epidemic prevention, setting a new example for international medical aid to Africa with concrete actions.
“United, we can move the mountain.” As such slogans printed on the packages of the Chinese donations to Africa. The world is one in fighting the pandemic, and the light of cooperation will finally dispel the shadow of disease as long as the world works together with solidarity.
Source: People’s Daily

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