Insecurity: Women group calls for national conference

Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari

An interest group made up of women of 60 years and above under the auspices of Nigeria Women Elders Council otherwise known as Mothers of the Nation (MOON) has President Muhammadu Buhari to as a matter of urgency convoke a national conference that will address the rising insecurity in the nation.

This was conveyed in a press conference addressed in Abuja Tuesday by the secretary of the group Mrs. Chika Ibeneme.

Ibeneme who was a former Commissioner of Works in Anambra State flanked by the President of the group, Chief Mrs. Felicia Sani noted that Nigeria is currently at a crossroads and its unity questioned by very happening across every section of the nation.

She said at no time has the nation’s fault lines been this visible with all the geo-political zones engulfed in one crisis or the other with lives and property being threatened on a daily basis.

“Nigeria Women Elders Council therefore calls on the Government to convene a National Conference where Nigerians from all walks of life and the different sections can have the opportunity to ventilate their grievances (if any) or express their views onthe situation of the country.

“The conference will also afford the government the opportunit to bring every section together towards a lasting solution to the myriad problems confronting the nation.

“Nigerian Women Elders Council condoles with families that have lost loved ones as a result of the insecurity in the country and also expresses solidarity with families whose loved ones are currently in custody of various anti-people groups inflicting pains and anguish on Nigerians especially mothers.

“We hereby put the Federal Government on notice that after two months of this call for a National Conference, if nothing is done, Nigerian Women Elders Council will commence a two-week fasting and prayers to seek divine intervention and guidance for further action.

“After communing with God Almighty we will lead Nigerian Women on a Nationwide Peaceful Protest. Furthermore, if the government remains adamant, Nigeria Women Elders Council

“NWEC will lead Nigerians in a sit-at-home action until the Nigerian Government and the Political class convene a “National Conference” and agree on workable solutions to the numerous challenges bedeviling the country.

“Nigerian Women Elders Council is tired of watching precious Nigerian Lives being wasted on a daily basis as Nigeria as a nation reaches a tipping point and our children are used as pawns in the hands of power seekers”.