I was not afraid of anything during the epidemic: Moroccan student in Wuhan

By Hanane Thamik
I have stayed in Wuhan instead of going back home with the evacuation flight arranged by my country’s embassy and have donated 5,000 yuan to help my school fight against the epidemic. The decision was made because China is like my second home.
Currently studying for my PhD degree in E-commerce at Wuhan University, I’ve been living in this city for six years. As a student from Morocco, I have won several awards in my second home, including the title of Wuhan promotion ambassador 2017 and outstanding African student in China 2018.
Many Chinese people appreciate me standing with them in this crucial time. I even found plenty of articles about myself in Baidu. I felt that Chinese people were so delighted because I chose to stay with them.
I also received many messages in WeChat and Weibo from Chinese friends who were so thankful. A comment from a Chinese teacher impressed me a lot – She was telling her students about me and encouraging them to learn from my story.
I was so happy when all Chinese people were saying thanks to me and when I saw various articles saying that I showed my solidarity and love for Chinese people. I will never forget these memorable moments of my life.
I am very grateful for the attitude of the Chinese government and the public toward foreigners in China. They have been working hard to facilitate us in every possible way during this epidemic.
Most foreign students have appreciated the efforts and measures taken by the Chinese government and Wuhan University during the epidemic. I’ve never seen any foreigner complain of anything amid the epidemic. All are happy about the fact that they are safe here in China due to the country’s proper emergency measures.
China has shown the world how to fight against this deadly disease by giving proper instructions and taking efficient containment measures. I admire the way all doctors and paramedical staff did their duties to fight against this virus.
China took effective measures to control the deadly COVID-19 epidemic, such as lockdown, isolation, testing, tracking, and treatment of infected ones.
China proved to be a fighter. The way the nation fought against this epidemic is indescribable. The Chinese people are hardworking and passionate about every task they hope to achieve.
Some Western politicians have been blaming China for the pandemic. I cannot accpet their accusations. In my opinion, all those are not true. The West’s attacks were launched only because of their concerns about China’s rapid development. Instead of blaming China, all members of the international community should appreciate China and learn from China about how to deal with this deadly virus.
I have full confidence in China’s future development. China’s successful response to the epidemic has been reflected in various domaims including medical, economic, and public relations terms. Although the Chinese economy slowed down in the first quater of 2020, I don’t think it will stay stagnate for any other quarter. In my understanding, the Chinese economy is highly resilient, and the impact of the epidemic on the Chinese economy is likely to be temporary.
In addition to the Chinese authority’s proper handling with the epidemic, I was not afraid of anything during this whole situation also thanks to my family, especially my mother who has always supported and encourage me. It was my mother’s suggestion that I should stay in China.
I have been following the latest updates about the virus every day through news and some authentic WeChat groups. People’s Daily, CGTN and China Daily were the most followed news reporting platforms. My mother has also followed the CGTN every day.
(Source: People’s Daily)

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