Hong Kong’s patriotic societies launch activities to support decision on improving Hong Kong’s electoral system

Photo shows a bronze statue on the Golden Bauhinia Square, Hong Kong. (Photo by You Bing/People’s Daily)

A draft decision on improving the electoral system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) was submitted to the 4th session of the 13th National People’s Congress for deliberation, which inspired all walks of life in Hong Kong.

Since March 5, Hong Kong’s patriotic societies have launched petition activities and symposiums in all 18 districts of the HKSAR, which were actively joined by citizens.

Hong Kong citizens believe that it’s perfectly justifiable to implement the principle of “patriots governing Hong Kong,” and to improve the electoral system will bring a prosperous future to the special administrative region.

On March 6, 36 booths were set up in Eastern District of Hong Kong to explain to the citizens the importance of improving Hong Kong’s electoral system for the region’s stability and prosperity, and collect signatures from supporters.

“We collected over 500 signatures in just an hour,” said a volunteer surnamed Peng offering services at one of the booths. She believes that the fundamental reason for Hong Kong’s social disturbance are those who want to destabilize Hong Kong and have seeped into the HKSAR’s governance system through institutional loopholes.

“Therefore I strongly support the improvement on Hong Kong’s electoral system, which is expected to eliminate the destroyers and select those who really want to serve the Hong Kong citizens,” she said.

According to Li Guanhua, head of the residents association in Sha Tin District, many residents joined the activities even in rains, and they were of different ages and from different jobs. He hopes that the electoral system can be improved as soon as possible, so as to return a happy and stable environment for Hong Kong citizens.

“We must stop allowing the ‘burn with us’ tactics. Only the patriots love their homes and the society, and genuinely protect the interests of citizens,” said a citizen surnamed Cheng, adding that the Pearl of the Orient will be shining again after governance issues are improved.

Cheung Kwok Kwan, vice-chairperson of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, and member of the Legislative Council, introduced that he talked with many citizens during the activities, and found that almost every one of them hoped to improve the electoral system and stop the actions disturbing Hong Kong’s rule of law and orders. “To bring orders to the society and a happy life back to citizens is a common aspiration of the people,” he said.

If you love your country, you shall be bold to express it. That was a common voice made by over 30 young representatives attending a symposium jointly held by HK Federation of Fujian Associations and The Y. Elites Association on March 7.

Wong Chun-tat, Chairman of The Hong Kong Travel Industry Council, said no tourist likes to travel to a chaotic city, and to implement the principle of “patriots governing Hong Kong” is the only way for the HKSAR to maintain long-term stability and development.

The young generation is the future of Hong Kong, so patriotism education must be enhanced for this group, so as to cultivate new successors of the cause of one country, two systems, said a representative from The Y.Elites Association.

On the afternoon of March 7, multiple youth associations came to the Tamar Park that sits adjacent to the offices of the HKSAR government. They unfolded a giant Chinese national flag and a regional flag of the HKSAR. We support the decision to improve the electoral system to ensure stability and prosperity of Hong Kong, they said, adding that they have waited for this moment for too long.

The initiator of the activity said that Hong Kong shall no longer be wasted, telling People’s Daily that only patriots can implement good policies to lead Hong Kong forward.

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