Heroic city of Wuhan makes important contribution to global fight against COVID-19

By He Yin
Wuhan, once the epicenter of COVID-19, is now receiving close attention from the international community as it lifted outbound travel restrictions and orderly restored outbound traffic on Wednesday, April 8.
Wuhan awakens from two months of coronavirus isolation, and the end of lockdown has a huge significance for the entire China.
The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia had thrown the city into a 76-day stagnation, but the unusual experiences of the anti-pandemic battle will always be remembered by history, astonishing the world with indomitable Chinese spirit and unyielding Chinese power.
Chinas decisive and strict lockdown of a city with a population of over 10 million demonstrated the countrys responsibility for its peoples lives and health, its institutional advantage to concentrate resources to accomplish large undertakings, as well as its outstanding leadership, coping capacity, mobilization and implementation. China, racing against time to achieve a final victory, displayed its image of a responsible major country and received high reputation from the international society.
Whats unforgettable for the world in this fight against the pandemic is also the heroic people in the heroic city. Wuhan was a window for the world to know more about China during this special period.
WHO Assistant Director-General Bruce Aylward said that China has demonstrated phenomenal collective action and cooperation spirit. He noted that every Chinese has a high sense of responsibility and is willing to sacrifice and make contribution to defeating the virus.
Foreign experts agreed that Chinas forceful measures have significantly changed the stats curve that demonstrates the development of the pandemic.
A joint research done by American, UK and Chinese scientists published on Science indicated that Wuhan travel restriction delayed spread of the virus to other cities in China by 2.91 days, and reduced total COVID-19 cases by 96 percent. As of mid-February, the lockdown has prevented nearly 80 percent of international transmission, playing a vital role in curbing the pandemic from further spreading.
I would like to appreciate them and thank them for their cooperation for believing that the actions they are taking protect the people and protect the rest of the world, said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at a press conference in February.
To the people of Wuhan, it is recognized that the world is in your debt. Aylward also expressed his appreciation to Wuhan and its people. He believes it is Chinese peoples resilience and dedication that have largely contained the spread of the virus.
The success in Wuhan inspired people across the world that are still in fight against the pandemic, and the citys approaches and Chinese experiences, such as traffic control and building makeshift hospitals, offered valuable reference for other affected countries.
Wuhan provides a window into the uncertain, post-virus future, said Bloomberg in a recent report. The Lancet also noted that evidence suggests that the colossal public health efforts of the Chinese government have saved thousands of lives, saying there are important lessons that presidents and prime ministers can learn from Chinas experience.
Dominique Bertrand, president of French National Commission of Public Health said that Chinas quarantine measures achieved very good results, and set an important reference for France.
In an open letter to Wuhan, Olivier Guyonvarch, Consul General of France in the city said China-France friendship has set a great example for the mutual assistance they offered in the pandemic. He believes only by solidarity can the world achieve the final victory over COVID-19. His words revealed that Wuhans success has enlightened and injected confidence into the world.
From the bitter cold winter to the warm spring with the blooming cherry blossoms, Wuhan has achieved significant results in containing the virus, inspiring the people all over the world. Wuhan, singing an anthem for life, is conveying a message to the world that human beings will finally prevail. By fighting the pandemic with solidarity and cooperation, the dark clouds of the virus will finally be expelled, and human beings will eventually embrace the vigorous spring.

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