Heroic city, heroic people

By People’s Daily 
The people of Wuhan have demonstrated the strength and spirit of China with their concrete actions, winning applauses from the whole party and people from all ethnic groups across the country, said Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee on March 10.
Xi made the remarks during an inspection tour to the city at the center of the novel coronavirus outbreak.
On behalf of the Party and the people, Xi extended gratefulness to the people in Wuhan, requiring Party organizations at all levels, members and officials to remain true to their original aspiration, keep the mission firmly in mind, shoulder responsibilities and stand the test. He urged them to implement the CPC Central Committee’s decisions with a stricter working style and more concrete measures, calling for firm, solid and meticulous prevention and control efforts to defend Hubei and Wuhan.
During the inspection tour, Xi visited medics, military personnel, community residents and workers, police officers, officials and volunteers who have been fighting the novel coronavirus.
The CPC Central Committee with comrade Xi Jinping as the core has always put people’s lives and health in the first place, and spared no efforts to support epidemic prevention and control in Hubei. It has adopted the most comprehensive, strict and thorough measures to curb the spread of the virus, in an attempt to reduce infections and save lives as many as possible.
To contain the spread of the virus by locking down the city with over 10 million people is an arduous task, and also a very difficult decision to make. Bearing in mind the general interests of the country and fearing no risk with strong resilience, the people in Wuhan have made huge contribution to the battle against the epidemic by compliance and devotion. They demonstrated their strength and noble characters to both the country and the world. The table could not have been turned without their sacrifice, devotion, perseverance and efforts.
Wuhan is a heroic city, and its people are heroic people who have never been crushed by any difficulty or challenge in history. They will be remembered in history for the final victory against the disease. Their concerted efforts in the valiant fight demonstrate the Chinese people’s love for their family and nation, which enables them to stick together through thick and thin, as well as their spirit of self-sacrifice, sense of responsibility, selflessness and devotion. These virtues manifest the spirit of the Chinese nation, and support the country to fight the epidemic and prevail over it.
Wuhan and other cities in Hubei province are key to winning the battle against the epidemic, and the whole Party, armed forces and people of all ethnic groups in China are standing together with the people there. The CPC Central Committee has sent a steering group to Wuhan to guide epidemic control. The People’s Liberation Army, Party and state departments, as well as provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have also offered huge assistance at the first opportunity in this all-out and people’s war against the epidemic.
In Hubei, Party organizations at all levels, Party members and officials rushed to the front line; medical workers in the province and those assisting them from across the country went in harm’s way and became “warriors in white”; military personnel answered the call rapidly and fought bravely against the disease; community workers, police officers, grassroots cadres, officials, and volunteers feared no difficulty and stayed on the frontline; plain citizens actively rose to the occasion and contributed to the battle in their own way.
Numerous touching stories have been told, demonstrating the Chinese power that enables the people to get over difficulties with concerted efforts.
Wuhan’s victory would lead to the victory of Hubei and the whole country. Thanks to all the arduous efforts, Hubei and Wuhan have gained a sound momentum in epidemic control and achieved early results. However, it’s still not a time for break as the tasks still remain tough. As long as the whole country continues to stay sober-minded and keeps fighting on, it will definitely safeguard Wuhan and Hubei, as well as secure the final victory over the disease.

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