Fight against COVID-19 proves loyalty to Party of new members


By Zhao Bing, People’s Daily


“It was the members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) who acted as the vanguard in the battle against COVID-19, which made me even more determined to join the CPC,” said Hu Ming, director of the ICU department of the Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital in central China’s Hubei province.


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Hu had always fought the virus on the front line to treat the severe and critical cases. What he faced was the most dangerous situation. To protect young medical workers, he shouldered the most dangerous task – performing endotracheal intubation on severely ill patients.


Due to the high work intensity, Hu could only sleep three to four hours a day. He was often soaked in sweats and his hands became pale and swollen when taking off his protective suit.


On Feb. 23, Hu, who had withstood the test of the epidemic, took an oath to join the CPC.


“The earlier we complete the hospital, the earlier it can save lives,” said Gan Quansheng, a young engineer with China Construction Second Bureau Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. who participated in the construction of the Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan.


Holding out on his parents, Gan spent 14 hours driving a van loaded construction materials from Beijing to Wuhan. He participated in the formation of reserve forces in the grand military parade on China’s National Day last year, and was responsible for material logistics at the construction site of the Leishenshan Hospital, a job of extremely high intensity as there were over 100 constructing companies and 10,000 constructors working at site.


“Running” on the site over 20 kilometers per day, Gan had blisters on his feet. “We must race against time, and the construction site was my battlefield,” he said. Gan worked like a top that never ceased spinning, and didn’t even have much time for meals and sleep.


During the 10 consecutive days of construction, Gan showcased the sense of responsibility of a young constructor. On Feb. 13, he gloriously joined the CPC.


Dr. Zhao Xuesen from the Institute of Infectious Diseases at the Beijing Ditan Hospital is a high-caliber talent introduced by Beijing in 2015. Since this Spring Festival, he had been fighting on the front line to study the infection mechanism of COVID-19, contributing to limiting the infection of the virus, and providing data support for the R&D of antiviral drugs and infection control.


On June 24, Zhao joined the CPC as he has always wanted to. “The Party’s leadership is the fundamental reason behind China’s prompt containment of the outbreak, which demonstrates the victory of the country, the Chinese nation, and the people-centered philosophy,” he said, adding that he is proud to be a CPC member.


“What I have achieved is not enough, compared with the frontline medical workers and the experts from my institute,” Zhao said, noting that he will continue to perform his duties and contribute to the fight against the virus with greater achievements, so as to better contribute to the Party with concrete actions.


In the battle against the epidemic, a group of “heroes going in harm’s way” were particularly notable. They rose to the challenge and fought on the front line. The greater the difficulties were, the further they advanced, showing loyalty to the Party.


They also remained true to their original aspirations, kept a strong will, and withstood the test in the fight against the disease.


Finally, they firmly raised their right fist to take an oath of admission in front of the Party flag and became CPC members.


After the outbreak of COVID-19, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, said that outstanding applicants for Party membership on the front line of the COVID-19 battle could join the Party at an early date.


Outstanding applicants who worked on the front line of epidemic prevention, treatment, supply logistics, and volunteer services were timely admitted to the CPC by Party organizations based on high standards and strict evaluation, no matter in the former epicenter Wuhan, the border ports in northeast China’s Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces where strict containment measures were taken to prevent imported cases, or Beijing that recently reported new clusters of COVID-19 infections. Those with outstanding performance from hospitals, communities, rural areas and enterprises across the country were also admitted to the CPC.


According to statistics, more than 25,000 people working on the COVID-19 front line newly joined the CPC.


A law can be drawn from the nearly-centenarian history of the CPC that the more difficulties there are, the more active applicants are requesting to join the Party.


This is because Party organizations have a strong ability to mobilize the people and take actions to serve the people. Based on what they see, hear, and experience, the Chinese people believe that the CPC, as a symbol of victory and hope, is dedicated to serving them and deserves their trust and support.


They believe that following the Party is the best choice to overcome difficulties and realize their dreams.

Members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) renew membership oath during an online ceremony held in the Wuchang, Hankou branches of the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army Central Theater Command, the Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital and Wuhan No.7 Hospital, Feb. 17. Seven applicants joined the CPC at the ceremony. Photo by Wang Haoyu/People’s Daily Online

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