Chinese satellites to provide global meteorological service: official

By Meng Xianglin from People’s Daily
China plans to provide more meteorological service for international community and enhance the capability of global observation and forecast in the future, said Liu Yaming, head of China Meteorological Administration.
The country will employ new technologies, including big data, to further improve smart and targeted international meteorological services for users at any time in any place, Liu said in an interview after the second plenary meeting of the second session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on March 8.
Eight Chinese satellites from the Fengyun series in orbits are sharing data and information to the country and the world, Liu added.
To serve Belt and Road countries, China fine-tuned the position of one Fengyun satellite, enabling the Fengyun series satellites to acquire meteorological data of Belt and Road countries in a wider coverage, according to the NPC deputy.
She added that the satellites could provide these countries with encrypted monitoring according to their needs if they were hit by natural disasters.
China is faced with complicated and ever-changing climate scenarios against the backdrop of global climate change, Liu introduced. Affected by El Nino, regions in the southern parts of China have seen increased rainfalls since the beginning of this year.
She also said that based on current findings, it is predicted that the northern parts of China are likely to see fewer precipitations and higher incidences of droughts while the southern parts of China, including the areas around the Huai River and Yangtze River will see more precipitations.
This year, meteorological departments will do more on monitoring, consultation and early warning to better serve national economic construction and protect people’s interests, she pledged.

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