Chinese medical teams to Africa solidify China-Africa cooperation, solidarity

By Wan YuPeople’s Daily
Medical aid to Africa has become a signature of China’s diplomacy as batches of Chinese medical teams overcome extremely complicated and harsh conditions, as well as unbelievable difficulties to contribute their energy to the continent, winning wide reputation from the recipient countries and the international society.
When People’s Daily interviewed a medical team at a China-aided hospital in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic, during the Spring Festival this year, there were still five team members working, despite the largest traditional Chinese festival.
Since 1963, China has sent a total of 26,000 medical staff to 71 countries, including the ones in Africa, treating 280 million patients and training 80,000 local personnel.
Chinese medical teams is an important complement to Africa’s local medical resources, as they bring advanced technologies and methods and relieve the suffering for hundreds of millions of Africans.
Ghanaian doctor Joyce Kanol told People’s Daily that he and his colleagues learnt a lot from their Chinese counterparts, not only medical skills, but also diligence and dedication.
At present, the COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping the world, including 53 African countries that reported a total of over 10,000 infections. Chinese medical teams in African countries formed with nearly 1,000 medical workers are sticking to their posts and actively assisting their countries of residence to enhance epidemic prevention and control, serving as a bridge for African countries to acquire Chinese techniques and experiences.
As of April 2, Chinese medical teams in Africa have conducted 250 training and health activities regarding epidemic prevention and control, benefiting over 10,000 people.
Chinese medical team to São Tomé and Príncipe recently had a presentation on COVID-19 control. Prime Minister Jorge Bom Jesus of the African island nation noted that Chinese experiences are valuable, and will shed a light for Sao Tome and Principe to well control the pandemic at home.
Chinese medical teams have perfectly practiced the spirit of bravery, dedication, benevolence and boundless love in their work in Africa.
Medical staff from Wuhan, Hubei have always worked on the frontline in Lesotho during the pandemic, and Chinese doctors are also offering timely assistance to cope with the severe pandemic in Burkina Faso. Besides, Chinese doctors offered training courses for local doctors in Zimbabwe. What they introduced was not only pandemic control information, but also the confidence to defeat the virus.
China and Africa enjoy a long and profound friendship, and they are always a community with a shared future. Garth Shelton, professor of international relations at Wits University, South Africa said that he had never felt the importance of the community with a shared future for mankind like he does since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In the face of the global public health crisis, only with solidarity and cooperation can the world secure victory. Chinese medical teams in Africa are exactly the ones that put China-Africa cooperation spirit into concrete actions.

A Chinese doctor aiding Burkina Faso poses for a picture with his African counterpart from the respiratory department of a local hospital in Burkina Faso, Jan. 30. Photo courtesy of the Chinese medical team to Burkina Faso

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