Chinese enterprise inject power into global fight against COVID-19 pandemic

By Liu Zhiqiang
The joint efforts made by Chinese enterprises to combat COVID-19 served as a powerful guarantee for the important phased success of China’s epidemic control, offering a strong support for Chinese economy amid this major test and stabilizing confidence in China’s future development.
As a Chinese saying goes, when difficulties arise in one place, aid will come from everywhere. Since the onset of the epidemic, Chinese enterprises reacted with the fastest speed, with some making generous donations, some maintaining effective operation for stable supplies, and some establishing new production lines to manufacture products in short supply.
The chairman of board Wang Changshen of Sanqi Medical, a comprehensive manufacturing and export company for medical devices, immediately returned home from abroad after China was hit by COVID-19 to inspect his enterprise’s production of masks and twice fainted. Logistics and supply chain company Xinxing Cathay International Group shifted to protective suit production, and reached daily output of 40,000 suits in just 20 days. Many enterprises vowed amid this public health emergency that they would produce what the country needs.
The past 40 years of reform and opening up witnessed not only the increasing sizes of Chinese enterprises, but their growing sense of social responsibility. It is their solidarity and cooperation that guarantee China’s epidemic prevention and control.
China is a major manufacturer of the world, where multiple enterprises have completed cross-industry transfer to produce emergency supplies amid COVID-19 and received wide attention.
For instance, BYD, a Shenzhen-based company focusing on new energy vehicle production and electronic products, realized mass production of masks in just over a month after the epidemic broke out. At present, the enterprise is able to produce 5 million pieces of masks and 300,000 bottles of sanitizers each day. Foreign media noted that the “cross-industry” experience has been introduced to multiple countries, and some of them have called on their enterprises to produce medical devices such as ventilators.
The epidemic is never able to defeat the outstanding Chinese enterprises. Manufacturing enterprises managed to relieve the pressure on cost through smart production; the producer services industry timely upgraded their production lines; the consumer service sector moved businesses online and “shared” employees to expand their business by the internet.
Chinese enterprises, not fearing any difficulty, are trying to advance the resumption of work while ensuring solid efforts on epidemic prevention. Their morale, bravery and innovation formulated the strong resilience of the Chinese economy, and will pave them a wider path in future development.
Chinese enterprises possess a very important role in the global industrial chain.
Shenzhen Kaifa Technology Co., Ltd. under China Electronic Corporation adopted a series of emergency measures to unsure timely delivery of chip orders placed by foreign clients. It deployed employees to fetch the raw materials needed, instead of waiting for them, as well as adjusted working schedule and conducted training for employees. Such efforts guaranteed their production.
To ensure normal operation of the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway in Indonesia, constructors of the project from China Railway Group Limited started construction, strengthening management and ensuring the safety of all employees. As a result, the tunnel No. 5 of the project was holed through on March 12.
Chinese enterprises, sparing no efforts to stabilize global supply chain and guarantee smooth progress of overseas projects, have won high reputation from their foreign clients and made contribution to the stability of the world economy.

Smart production lines are operating at full speed at a household supply company in Nanxun district, Huzhou, east China’s Zhejiang province for orders of memory foam pillows and electronic mattresses, April 3, 2020. Photo by Li Zeming, People’s Daily Online

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