China’s Hainan donates 200,000 pieces of medical masks to Japan, South Korea

Southern China’s province of Hainan recently donated 200,000 pieces of medical masks to Japan and South Korea.
The masks departed from Hainan’s capital Haikou on March 18, and both Japan’s Hyogo ken and South Korea’s Jeju Special Self-Governing Province are expected to receive 100,000 pieces each.
The donation manifests the profound friendship and mutual assistance between Hainan and its global peers.
Local governments of the two places, which are sister cities of Hainan, offered firm support for Hainan when the latter was making all-out efforts to combat the novel coronavirus epidemic. At present, when Japan and South Korea are actively coping with the epidemic and see an urgent demand of medical supplies, Hainan backs them up.
Empathized with the people there and being grateful for their kindness, the province will support them as much as it can to defeat the virus together. (Photo by Zhang Mao, People’s Daily Online)

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