China’s 14th Five-Year Plan a far-sighted approach focusing on down-to-earth efforts

Workers repair and renovate a foreign vessel at a terminal in Rongcheng, east China’s Shandong province, Oct. 15. The city, aiming to build a new-type vessel maintenance system with a reasonable layout, optimized structure and low energy consumption, has attracted over 400 large vessels from more than 20 countries this year. Photo by Li Xinjun/People’s Daily Online

The fifth plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was held from Oct. 26 to 29 in Beijing. The session adopted CPC Central Committee’s proposals for the formulation of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-Range Objectives Through the Year 2035.

The international society paid high attention to the session, saying the meeting mapped out a grand blueprint for China’s new journey to fully build a modern socialist country, enhanced the confidence of the world for China’s development, and injected stronger impetus for the common development of China and the world.

Five-Year Plans have always been an important window for the international society to understand the CPC’s governance of China and the country’s economic and social development. From 1953, China has made and implemented 13 Five-Year Plans, 8 of which were after the country’s reform and opening-up policy. They have forcefully promoted economic and social development, improved China’s comprehensive national strength, and lifted people’s livelihood, creating rare miracles of rapid economic development and long-term social stability. Practices proved that medium- and long-term plans can give full play to both the market, which has a decisive position in resource allocation, and the government.

BBC issued a report explaining the development of China’s Five-Year Plans and their importance, saying these plans did brought huge social changes. Foreign observers pointed out that China’s Five-Year Plans are strategic deployment made by China based on the need of the times, which address both foreign and domestic opportunities and challenges. The plans incorporate technological progress into development vision, and are targeted and energetic, demonstrating the continuously developing and improving governance system and capability of China.

Making plans for the present and future and marching forward step by step along the right direction is the secret to China’s steady development. In the past 5 years, the country calmly responded to complicated international situations and successfully tackled all kinds of challenges and risks, advancing firmly to its goals. Decisive progress has been achieved by China in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, in comprehensively deepening reform, in comprehensively enhancing the rule of law and in comprehensively strengthening Party discipline.

The modernization of China’s governance system and capability is accelerating, which further showcases the advantages of the CPC’s leadership and China’s socialist system.

After the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) period, China’s economy, science and technology, as well as comprehensive national strength have all been lifted onto a new level. At present, the targets of the 13th Five-Year Plan will soon be finished, and the country is expected to achieve a full victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has made a giant leap forward, and the socialist China will stand firm and tall in the East in a more magnificent manner.

During a period in which the timeframes of the two centenary goals converge, and when the world is witnessing increasingly complicated situations, as well as rising instability and uncertainties, how the CPC coordinates the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and responds to the changes taking place in the world unseen in a century receives extremely high attention from the international society.

The CPC Central Committee’s proposals for the formulation of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-Range Objectives Through the Year 2035 has made clear the basic guiding principles, major targets, and long-term goals of China’s economic and social development in the next five years, highlighted the leading role of the new development concept, and raised a series of landmark major strategies. It will implement major measures that are forward-looking, comprehensive, basic and targeted, and coordinate further reforms in major areas, which fully demonstrates the CPC’s remarkable vision and historic responsibility to build on the past achievements to further advance its cause.

CNN reported that as many countries struggle to plan weeks ahead, China just set its agenda for the next 15 years. Reuters also pointed out that the 14th Five-Year Plan is future-oriented and isn’t just about the next five years. German newspaper Die Welt said China’s 14th Five-Year Plan will have an important influence for the world.

The fifth plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of the CPC chartered a splendid new path for China’s development, and demonstrated the major country responsibility of China to combine its own development with that of the world.

From carrying out all-round opening-up in more fields, with broader range and greater depth to jointly promoting the high-quality development of Belt and Road cooperation and actively participating in the reform of global economic governance system, and to upholding the banner of peace, development, cooperation and win-win results to nurture favorable external environment and build a new type of international relations and a community with a shared future for mankind, China has sent a clear signal to the world – the country’s new journey to fully build a modern socialist country is also a new journey for countries around the globe to enjoy win-win results and common prosperity.

China’s development is still enjoying major strategic opportunities. As long as the country maintains strategic composure, focuses on its own affairs, recognizes and grasps the law of development, creates opportunities in crises, and starts anew in changes, it will be able to make new and greater miracles that astonish the world. Its development will also create broader space for other countries to pursue peaceful development and win-win cooperation.

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