China to make further efforts to win battle against epidemic

By People’s Daily
The battle against the novel coronavirus is a race against time and death, and a victory must be achieved for the people.
Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee on Feb. 10 inspected the novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work in Beijing, capital of China. He talked to medical staff on the front line in epicenter Hubei via a video link, sending the caring of the CPC Central Committee to the medical personnel, Party cadres and all the people struggling on the front line.
Xi fully recognized the huge efforts and contribution made by each front to prevent and control the epidemic since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. He said that the situation at the moment remains very serious, stressing that the decisions and deployment made by the CPC Central Committee to prevent and control the epidemic must be strictly implemented, and the nation shall further strengthen confidence, stand together in times of difficulty, and adopt scientific prevention and control measures as well as targeted approaches.
He called for greater efforts and bravery, as well as firmer confidence, stronger perseverance and more decisive measures. Xi noted that the country must rely on the people, and resolutely contain the spreading of the epidemic and win the battle against the epidemic.
Since the onset of the epidemic, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with comrade Xi Jinping at the core, the country has been fighting against the virus with bravery and solidarity, carrying out national mobilization and across-the-board deployment to enhance epidemic prevention and control.
The Party members, officials and the people in Hubei, especially its capital Wuhan have actively responded to the call of the CPC Central Committee, taking strong measures with firm confidence and care for the overall interests of the country.
When difficulties arise in one place in the country, aid comes from everywhere, and that’s what has been practiced by the rest of China. The medical staff from different parts of the country, medics of the People’s Liberation Army, as well as all personnel sent to support Hubei and Wuhan have answered the call of the nation, and demonstrated the spirit of indomitability and hard work with no fear for sacrifice.
Under the joint efforts of each front, the epidemic prevention and control work was carried out in a forceful manner, which has created a strong power of solidarity to fight against the virus.
Facing the serious situation, Party committees and governments at all levels shall strictly follow the spirit of Xi’s important speech, as well as the decisions and deployment made by the CPC Central Committee, and take epidemic prevention and control as a priority. Party and government chiefs at all levels should command on the front line and shoulder responsibility. Party members and cadres should also go to the front line, take responsibility, and concentrate on their work to ensure every detail is fully covered.
Besides, the medical personnel should fight through any hardship, and serve as a mainstay in the battle against the virus. They must put people’s lives and health in the first place, and do all they can to save the patients.
Community has an important role in epidemic prevention and control, so communities across the country should enhance prevention and control measures and make themselves into solid forts amid the epidemic, so as to establish a line of defense for all.
In addition, publicity and public opinion guidance shall also be strengthened to publicize the decisions and deployment of the CPC Central Committee, create an atmosphere of solidarity, showcase the firm confidence and unity of the people amid epidemic, and release strong positive energy to get through the current difficulty.
Wuhan’s victory would lead to the victory of Hubei and the whole country. Hubei and Wuhan are the top priority for epidemic prevention and control, and a decisive factor for the battle against the epidemic. Therefore, greater efforts shall be made in hospital admission, treatment and social management to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Beijing is the capital of China, so it shoulders great responsibility in epidemic prevention and control and no relaxation is allowed. The capital must fully implement prevention and control measures, and prevent both inflow and outflow of the virus to cut the infection source as much as possible, so as to contain the epidemic and its radiance to the largest extent.
Epidemic prevention and control is an arduous battle that safeguards people’s lives and health. The Chinese nation has long been blessed with the heroism which enables it to fear neither turbulences nor hardships. The Chinese people have the confidence and capability to conquer all difficulties along the path forward.
Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, it is believed that China, by relying on the people and making concerted efforts and brave struggles, will definitely achieve the final victory over the battle against the epidemic.

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