China, Russia are like-minded partners treating each other with sincerity, trust

By Zhao Jiaming
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday addressed the plenary session of the 23rd St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) held in Russia. The organizing committee said Xi’s attendance made the forum full-housed.
“Sustainable development is the ‘golden key’ to solving global problems,” Xi expounded on the realistic significance of sustainable growth to today’s world, as well as China’s proposals on intensified international cooperation.
Calling for the building of partnership of global connectivity, and alignment of co-construction of Belt and Road Initiative with Eurasian Economic Union, Xi also said China is willing to share with the rest of the world its latest research and development results including the 5G technology.
Xi’s proposals also underline China’s sense of responsibility to integrate its own development into the global growth and to seek all-shared benefits through sound interactions. Xi’s answers to the questions raised by the host also won him rounds of applause.
Xi’s attendance of the forum made headlines and live updates of Russian media, who believed the significance is so great that it endows the SPIEF with special position.
About 17,000 guests attended the forum, among which China contributed the biggest delegation, said Russia’s TV report, elaborating that over 1,000 Chinese representatives from large corporations, local governments, sci-tech and financial fields were present at the the forum and its side-events.
“China is the most active participant and most staunch supporter of the forum,” it commented.
China’s development accomplishments and philosophies also drew attention and praises from the representatives, and a feature article on Chinese economy stressed that “China sets the direction for the world economy”.
The representatives believed that China’s momentum to maintain a long-term and stable growth remains unchanged, and Chinese economy’s important role in driving up global economy stays unchanged. “We are confident in China and Chinese economy,” they said.
Like-minded partners that treat each other with sincerity and trust are inseparable to an international cooperation, Xi said during his speech.
China and Russia are a pair of such partners. Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the First and Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in 2017 and 2019, while Xi paid a special trip to attend St. Petersburg International Economic Forum during his state visit to Russia this year, after he attended the 4th Eastern Economic Forum held in Russia last September.
The close working partnership between the two heads of state also illustrates the special, crucial significance and high level of China-Russia ties, demonstrates the profound friendship between the two heads, declares the two countries’ strong support to each other’s concerns, and underscores their sense of responsibility to guard world peace and stability and seek development and prosperity.
It is in line with the common interests and shared responsibility of the international community to  firmly safeguard an international system with the UN at the core and based on the international law, guard the multilateral trading system, and thus inject strong positive energy into the complicated global landscape.
Standing at a new historic starting point, China and Russia will, when developing their comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era, join efforts with the international society to contribute more to creating a better world and building a community with a shared future for mankind.

National flags of participating countries flutter outside the venue of the 23rd St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in Russia. (By Bai Yang from People’s Daily)

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