China pledges support for rise of new transport industries

By Huan Xiang from People’s Daily
New modes of transport like ride-hailing services and shared bicycles, which are rising in China, will receive more support and be better regulated, Minister of Transport Li Xiaopeng told a recent press conference.
The number of daily average trips made by users of online ride-hailing services and shared bikes has reached 20 million and 10 million respectively, the Minister  said.
Ride-hailing services and shared bicycles, as innovative products, have made the public’s trips easier.
The authority is committed to a regulation-based and more standardized development, said Liu Xiaoming, Vice Minister of Transport, elaborating that a total of 247 Chinese cities have released guidelines regulating the development of online ride-hailing services.
Over 110 business platforms, about 680,000 drivers and 450,000 vehicles nationwide have been granted with the permits or licenses to provide online ride-hailing services, Liu expounded on the work progress.
Li vowed that the ministry will provide more support, better service and all-out help to encourage the emergence of new transport industries.
Facing the possible challenges brought by the development process, an inclusive but prudent regulation will be put into place to optimize the development model, the minister added.
“We should ensure sound development, effective application, improved management and better services for the new industries,” Li said, explaining that such new industries are of great significance to grow economy, create jobs and facilitate innovation.

A couple uses shared bikes instead of cars on their wedding day in Huai’an, east China’s Jiangsu Province, October 27, 2018. (Photo: People’s Daily Online)