China has the capability to fight a trade war to the end

By Wu Yuehe
When the world is expecting the meeting between Chinese and U.S. Presidents at the 14th G20 summit in Osaka, Washington once again exerted extreme pressure and broke the atmosphere of equal dialogue.
Some U.S. politicians claimed that the two sides will eventually make a deal, but if they don’t, the U.S. side is “perfectly happy” with continuing the tariff movements that it has already announced, as well as imposing the new ones that the country has temporarily suspended.
It’s shocking that China-U.S. economic and trade frictions, which have experienced so many twists and turns in the past year, still haven’t knocked any sense into the U.S. officials who just can’t see that threats won’t work and extreme pressure will be finally in vain.
Bullying practices will not help create any opportunity to resolve the economic and trade dispute between China and the U.S.
China is always committed to resolving disputes through dialogue and consultation, with an aim to resolutely safeguard its core interests, while the U.S. unilaterally provoked economic and trade frictions against China, imposing additional tariffs on Chinese imports again and again. Such practice of the U.S. was not, is not and will not be a solution at all.
These U.S. practices harm others and do no good to the country itself. Even the U.S. public is opposing them.
At the just-concluded public hearings on the U.S. plan to imposing additional tariffs on about $300 billion of Chinese goods, a great number of business owners and consumers testified against the proposal with facts and figures. Do their voices matter?
So many major American enterprises wrote to discourage the U.S. government from imposing more tariffs. How can the U.S. officials simply turn a deaf ear to them?
These U.S. officials had better think seriously about the opposition and condemnation from various sectors of the American society, and listen carefully to the mainstream voices of the international community making united efforts to resist protectionism and hegemony.   
Besides exerting pressure on China, these U.S. officials are also coercing American enterprises into paying more tariffs and forcing them to leave China, disregarding how much these enterprises are paying for such arbitrary policies.
Now, with some U.S. companies intending to shift parts of their business to Southeast Asia, the countries in the region became new targets of these American politicians who claimed that Southeast Asian countries are also “taking advantages” of the U.S.
Thanks to its economic and trade policies, the U.S., standing at the top of the global industrial chain and reaping enormous interests from global markets, has revealed its nature to the international community – a greedy, shameless, and unreliable troublemaker.
Some U.S. officials are short-sighted, irrational and unjust. They are obsessed with fighting a war against the world, but forget they are also a part of it. How ridiculous they are!
While countries around the world feel disturbed by these people, who would be actually intimated? Not China.
Long been known for their integrity, courage, capability, and perseverance, the Chinese people can always show strong unity and lasting energy when confronted with external pressure.
History has witnessed the rises of the Chinese nation amid risks and challenges, and will again and again write new chapters of the country turning risks into opportunities with extraordinary wisdom and strong will.
The Book of Changes, one of China’s ancient classics, tells people that as heaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentleman should constantly strive for self-perfection.
A few days ago at the International Forum of Building Open Global Economy 2019 held in Osaka, British scholar Martin Jacques remarked that “China is patient. It is one of its great strengths,” and “in contradistinction to the U.S., it thinks long-term,” predicting that China will be a very different and new kind of great power. Such evaluation echoed the opinions of the international community.
The practices of the U.S. to undermine the environment for international cooperation highlighted China standing at the moral high ground.
Though uncertainties exist in China-U.S. economic and trade frictions, China can always keep its composure and manage well its own business. It has the capability to face any challenges and fight to the end. This is undoubtedly what the international community expects and believes in.
(Source: People’s Daily)

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