China doesn’t hope to have a trade war, but is never afraid of fighting against a trade war.

People’s Daily                                                           
China has been a nation of courtesy since ancient times, pursuing the exchanges of reciprocity in diplomacy. Only when peaceful approaches fail in the face of confrontations, will China resorts to strong measures.
The country has responded to the trade frictions with great restraint, and prepared meticulously for talks with the US with utmost sincerity.
The Chinese delegation arrived in Washington for negotiations with the hope of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement on the basis of equality and mutual respect, even after the US imposed additional tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports into the US.
After the US imposition of additional tariffs escalated the China-US trade frictions, China had to take countermeasures and decided to raise the rate of additional tariffs on part of US imports. In the meantime, it still hopes that the US could return to the right track of bilateral economic and trade talks, take joints efforts with China and meet the latter halfway, and solve the existing problems through cooperation and negotiations.
A country with integrity behaves nobly. A foreign politician pointed out that China, which keeps its words to other countries, is a civilization of wisdom and a nation that shoulders its responsibilities.
China’s sincerity and kindness to move forward the negotiations have been seen by all over the last year, and it always keeps promises. Regrettably, the US went back on its words and attempted to make profit from raising unreasonable trade demands and exerting extreme pressure on China. This is nothing but miscalculation.
China’s forbearance is never weakness and its sincerity is not to be trampled on by the US. China will never make concessions on issues of major concerns or allow its core national interests and interests of its people to be hurt. China is resolute to safeguard its national interests and dignity.
The US is doing nothing but tarnishing its own reputation and image through imposing extreme pressure and proposing unreasonable requirements.
China holds a clear stance on economic and trade frictions that there is no winner in a trade war. China doesn’t hope to have a trade war, but is never afraid of fighting against a trade war.
As the Chinese economy and the US economy are deeply integrated, imposing additional tariffs will harm the interests of not only the Chinese people, but also people in the US and people of the world.
Being aware of this point from the very beginning, China treated the US with maximum sincerity, kindness and courtesy. In the meantime, it has been fully prepared for a worsened situation based on its prediction.
The Chinese people don’t fight a war without preparation or the confidence to win it. Thinking about worst-case scenarios, they always prepare for the worst and strive for the best.
China has found an important way to make its economic development steady and intensive through stabilizing employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign capital, investment and expectation. Chinese economy enjoys a broad prospect as there is a huge domestic market, and improvement in the competitiveness of products and enterprises as the supply-side structural reform has been further advanced, and enough space for fiscal and monetary policies.
China’s confidence is indicated by its sincerity for negotiations and comes from its economic resilience. Focusing on its own affairs will enable the country full confidence to cope with any risks and challenges.
Cooperation is the best option for both sides, but principles are need in the cooperation. China will definitely not make concessions on issues of major concerns. The country is always open for negotiations and believes that it shares a wide range of common interests and a broad space for cooperation with the US. It holds that the two countries should seek common ground while putting aside differences and pursue win-win outcomes through cooperation.
Cooperation must be based on sincerity and follow the principle of mutual respect and equality. The US should work together with China to reach an agreement that is equal and mutually beneficial. Only by meeting each other halfway, shelving differences to seek consensus, and solving existing problems rationally and pragmatically, can the two countries make their trade and economic relations deliver more benefits to their people and people of the world.
The US side should be aware that it is impracticable to treat China unfairly and force it to sign an unequal agreement. It’s a totally wrong decision for the US.

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