Beijing Expo 2019 issues souvenir passports

 By Yin Xingyun
An official memorial passport for the upcoming 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition (Beijing Expo 2019) was released at the expo’s flagship store of licensed products Friday. The passport will be available at all licensed stores of the expo starting from May 1.
The first page of the passport is made of banknote paper, and the inside pages are made of anti-counterfeiting paper with chrysanthemum watermark. The front page has a metal strip embedded, and the rest of the pages are printed with anti-counterfeiting marks that present different images when seen under different light conditions
The passport, featuring smart scanning, has national flowers of different countries printed on it. The tourists can have a close look at the beauty of the horticulture of different countries and enjoy the fun of collecting visa stamps while having in-depth experience at the Beijing Expo 2019. The passport carries a special memorial significance.
The memorial passport is a licensed collection of souvenir stamps of the Beijing Expo 2019. A total of over 100 stamps are offered based on the approval from participating countries and international organizations. They carry the features of these participants and exotic tastes, enabling the visitors to experience the arts and charms of these countries and organizations without traveling around the globe.
At present, the issuance of souvenir passports is a common practice for major events and tourist attractions in China. Such practice originated from the 1999 Kunming International Horticultural Exposition and came to a peak at the 2010 Shanghai Expo.
The souvenir passport was priced at 30 yuan at both the Kunming and Shanghai events, and will remain the same at this year’s expo in Beijing.

Photo shows the souvenir passport of the Beijing Expo 2019. Photo by Yin Xingyun, People’s Daily Online

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