Battle against epidemic tests human civilization

By He Yin
The sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has triggered a war for the world to safeguard its shared destiny. The international community is battling to eliminate the virus, and also protecting human civilization.
It’s been recognized that the epidemic is not only a test for human beings’ ability in science and health protection, but also one for human civilization – whether it is strong enough to shelter everyone in the world at this critical moment.
The world must accept unimaginable challenges and step over numerous obstacles to defeat a virus about which human knows little. It calls for unremitted efforts to find cures, but obviously, to refute fallacies and establish rationality amid panic is also urgent.
It’s alarming that misinformation is being widely spread; conspiracy theories are polluting social media; and discrimination are targeting at Asians.
To indulge panic and discrimination amid the epidemic, or to illuminate the light of human civilization for mutual respect, equality, openness and inclusiveness – that is a choice concerning the destiny that all humans share. Obviously, the answer is clear.
The United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO) called for solidarity, rather than stigma; national leaders urged calmness and opposed exclusiveness; people around the world also voiced their support for the Chinese. Such warm practices by the international society are glowing with humanity.
What the world is doing today well explains the Chinese saying that delicious soup is made by combining different ingredients, and the secret for close relations lies in mutual support.
It’s easy to clarify and break down individual rumors, conspiracy theories, and discriminatory remarks and practices surrounding the epidemic. After all, fallacies are vulnerable in front of scientific verification; all conspiracy theories have prominent flaws; and all discriminatory practices are intolerable by human civilization.
However, it is not an easy task to eliminate those, and that’s why it’s very important for the world and society to encourage the spirit of science and civilization when global civilizations are facing severe challenges surrounding the epidemic.
Governments, international organizations, social institutions and public figures should all play a positive role in this regard.
The wise will never be fooled. The key to cut down the spread of false and harmful information is to expand dissemination of scientific and effective information.
While responding to the epidemic, the Chinese government has established an authoritative mechanism to releases information at different levels and high frequency, which has effectively stabilized public sentiment and shared epidemic information with the world. It has won worldwide recognition.
The WHO said that China released information about the epidemic in a timely manner, quickly identified the coronavirus and shared the genome sequence of the virus with openness and transparency. The country has taken decisive, forceful and effective measures to control the spread of the virus, acting in a highly responsible manner for the lives and health of the Chinese people, and greatly supporting global public health security, the organization added.
The responsible practices of China have minimized panic and discrimination, reflecting the spirit of human civilization.
Every country and individual must respond to the test of civilization in the epidemic, and the victory belongs to human beings and human civilization.
“We have a choice. Can we come together to face a common and dangerous enemy? Or will we allow fear, suspicion and irrationality to distract and divide us?” The question raised by WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at the 56th Munich Security Conference is worth pondering.
Civilizations shall defeat the unknown and fear with science and rationality, and treat each other in the spirit of mutual respect, equality, openness and inclusiveness, which is the significance of building a community with a shared future for mankind.

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