U.S. should stop its human rights slandering game

The so-called Summit for Democracy recently hosted by the U.S. was nothing about democracy, but merely a script that advocated suppressing other countries and dividing the world.

It was just ridiculous for the U.S. to give the floor to those who are opposed to China and attempt to destabilize Hong Kong and allowed the representatives of Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to issue a so-called “state declaration” that challenged the “one-China” principle. The U.S. even launched a new round of sanctions against China in the name of “human rights” on Human Rights Day.

Such gross interference in China’s domestic affairs and practices to contain China, which came under the disguise of the so-called “democracy” and “human rights,” was exactly a piece of hard evidence of Washington taking democracy and human rights as tools and weapons.

Those who are opposed to China and attempt to destabilize Hong Kong, and the Taiwan separatists, will only be remembered by history as a shame for what they have done at the so-called Summit for Democracy as political puppets of the U.S.

Fugitive former Hong Kong lawmaker Nathan Law Kwun-chung, who’s now wanted by the Hong Kong police, arbitrarily attacked the national security law in Hong Kong in total disregard of facts and once again begged external forces to meddle in Hong Kong affairs and contend against China. The people and history will condemn him for leaving his heritage and motherland behind.

At the Summit for Democracy, DPP representatives dreamed on about the so-called “Taiwan independence” and blatantly catered to the plot of the U.S. to confront China ideologically, fooling the people in Taiwan that Taiwan’s international space has been expanded. They are not ashamed of it at all. On the contrary, they take it as a pride.

The collusion between the U.S. and the DPP and their provocative practices once again proved Taiwan authorities’ attempt to look for U.S. support for their independence agenda, as well as the intention of some Americans to use Taiwan to contain China. This is exactly the root cause for the current new round of tensions in the Taiwan Straits.

Washington has drained its brain to push these political puppets onto the front stage and show support for them, to challenge the “one China” principle and interfere in China’s domestic affairs. It fully indicated that the so-called summit aimed to suppress other countries in the name of “democracy.”

“The organization of the Summit is part of a multi-faceted campaign by the U.S. to put China in a negative light,” said former Singaporean Foreign Minister George Yeo Yong-Boon.

Facing such blatant provocation from the U.S., China is safeguarding its legitimate rights and interests with powerful actions and resolutely opposes the actions and remarks of the U.S. to interfere in its domestic affairs and undermine its sovereignty and territorial integrity. China is also sending a voice of justice to the international society so as to expose the U.S. conspiracy to abuse, violate, and destroy democracy.

Democracy is not privatized by American hegemony, and the U.S. has no right to monopolize how it shall be defined. Justice will always prevail. Whether a country is democratic should be judged by its people, and whether a country is acting democratically in the world should be acknowledged by the international community. The orderly development of the democratic practices in Hong Kong is the best response to the slandering remarks.

On Oct. 10, Nicaragua resumed diplomatic ties with China, becoming the 181st country to have diplomatic ties with China. It once again proved that it’s a trend to establish and develop diplomatic relations with China, which any force cannot stop.

The sanctions once again placed by the U.S. are totally meaningless. They can never intimidate China and the Chinese people. The unilateral sanctions imposed by Washington against China in recent years have never worked, but only made China more resolute in doing its things well and united the Chinese people more closely to build a stronger China.

Thick mountains could not stop the river from flowing into the sea. China does the right conducts and upholds justice. No matter what the U.S. tries to slander China, it is doomed to fail. The so-called Summit for Democracy hosted by the U.S. against the trend of history has received wide criticism from the international society and is inevitable to face dismal results.

As the world is going through a pandemic and profound changes unseen in a century, the international society needs solidarity and cooperation more than ever. The U.S. should immediately correct its wrongs and meet China halfway, bring China-U.S. ties back to the right track of healthy and stable development, and do something beneficial for the people in the two countries and in the rest of the world.

(Zhong Sheng is a pen name often used by People’s Daily to express its views on foreign policy and international affairs.)