Ethiopian official says CPC serves the Chinese people wholeheartedly

The people-centered philosophy is the key to the success of the Communist Party of China (CPC), a senior official from Ethiopia’s ruling Prosperity Party has said.


Making the remarks in a recent interview with People’s Daily, Bikila Hurisa, head of the Ethiopian party’s public and international relations, stressed that China has achieved a real miracle by lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and building a moderately prosperous society. “Developing countries, including Ethiopia, could learn from what China has done over the past decades,” he said.


Observing China’s development for a long time, Hurisa believed that the most important secret behind this miracle is that the CPC serves the Chinese people wholeheartedly. “The CPC truly understands the real problems facing the Chinese people. Besides, the CPC have created effective democracy and governance.”


He said that the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era was people-oriented, the interests of people being put in the first place and development fruits sharing by all people. “Under the guidance of the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era put forward by President Xi Jinping, China has made new development achievement one after another. China’s political ideology is in accordance with the country’s situation and also sets a good example for the rest of the world, gaining more and more understanding and appreciation from international society.”


“China’s success also proves that ‘coping and pasting’ philosophical ideologies or lines from other countries to one specific country will not help in solving local problems,” he added that any country needs to find its own way to achieve better development.


The second secret behind the miracle in Hurisa’s opinion is that the Chinese government has attached great importance to science, technology and innovation, which he said has helped a lot in solving the real problems facing the Chinese people. “Investments in research and development, innovations and technology have significantly helped China promote investment, employment and entrepreneurship that are locally based, as well as home-grown creativity,” he said.


“The third secret I see is the China’s determination to open itself to the world. The opening up strategy has benefited not only the Chinese people, but also the global economy,” he added.


Hurisa also mentioned the close interaction between CPC and Prosperity Party, Ethiopia’s ruling party. “Over the last several years, the role of China in Ethiopia’s development efforts is very significant in politics, economy and society, and we appreciate that. The two parties’ mutual communication and exchange deepens the bilateral relationship and people-to-people understanding between the two countries. We expect a lot from the Chinese Communist Party in terms of sharing experience, sharing wisdom and assisting in capacity building efforts.”


Last May, the Prosperity Party held a seminar with the International Department of the CPC Central Committee on Covid-19 prevention, economic and social development, poverty alleviation, fighting Covid-19 together in solidarity and building China-Africa community with a shared future.


In February, Hurisa took part in the “Stories of CPC” Thematic Briefing on Xinjiang co-organized by the International Department of the CPC Central Committee and the CPC Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regional Committee via video connection. He said that “we can see CPC’s strong leadership and sense of responsibility in China’s poverty alleviation. Poverty is the common challenge facing people all around the world, and the Prosperity Party can surely learn from China on shaking off poverty.”


For many years in a row, China has become Ethiopia’s largest trading partner, largest source of foreign direct investments (FDI) , and largest project contractor. Ethiopia’s first toll highway, first wind power project, first Addis Ababa light rail, first modern railway(Addis Ababa–Djibouti Railway), and the industrial parks along the railway, represent the fruitful achievements of China-Ethiopia cooperation and demonstrate Ethiopia’s industrialization and modernization process. “The Ethiopian people have benefited a lot from the China’s investment. China’s opening up has not only benefited the Chinese people, but also the global economy,” Hurisa said.


Hurisa also praised China for successfully building a moderately prosperous society, achieving the country’s first Centenary Goal. “This is a very important and historical achievement especially when celebrate the 100 years of the CPC’s anniversary. I really want to extend my sincere congratulations to the CPC who has made the miracle happen and the people of China who are benefiting from this miracles achievement.”