China to safeguard global security through peaceful cooperation

By Zhong Sheng
For some time, some US politicians have unscrupulously practiced unilateral policies, making troubles for the international society. By waving the big stick of tariffs and frequently withdrawing from international organizations, they are producing risks for the world through every possible means.
They never feel sorry for their hegemonic strategy of “America first”, and ignore the security interests of other countries and international orders for private profits.
Adopting rude solutions to solve complicated security issues, they are taking national security interests as a business, which will only create severer security problems.
As the international community has witnessed, US hegemonic practices have been presented in many new forms. But the nature of these practices still remains the same. As what The Atlantic has described, “America has attacked countries that did not threaten it.”
The wrongdoing of the US politicians has triggered wide concerns and alarms of the international society, and showed to the world that the US is indeed the most insecure factor in the world.
A poll by US non-profit organization Pew Research Center said that a median of 45 percent across the surveyed nations see US power and influence as a major threat in 2018, up from 25 percent in 2013. In US allies such as Japan and South Korea, the ratio stood at over 2/3.
Sustained peace has been a common aspiration of human beings for thousands of years. In today’s world, economic globalization is going through drastic development, with closer economic cooperation and interdependence among each country. As a result, security issues are becoming more interconnected, contagious, and synergic.
Amid profound changes in the global pattern, emerging markets and developing countries are gaining more national strength and making more voices in international security issues. The days when a few countries dominated global security orders have gone forever.
The world is calling for a new vision of security. The concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security proposed by China has exactly reflected the new characteristics of international situation and new requirements of development, and answers the universal call of global countries for peace, development and cooperation.
Common security can address the closely intertwined interests and security of countries; comprehensive security can achieve effective governance when security becomes a growing issue in both scope and implication; cooperative security can resolve disputes through peaceful means and enhance mutual trust; and sustainable security can promote security through development, address both the symptoms and root causes, and achieve long-term stability.
By adhering to justice and fulfilling responsibilities, China has continuously contributed positive energy to world peace and development. China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a major country for peacekeeping missions. It actively promotes the progress of hotspot political issues, participates in bilateral and multilateral security cooperation, and provides more public security products for the world, with a firm goal to make the international order more just and equitable.
The global community has given high appraisal to China who has fulfilled its responsibility as a major country to safeguard justice, protect peace, and defend security, saying the country is an important force to protect regional and global peace and security, and that the country’s security proposals are playing a positive role in promoting regional development and prosperity.
“The tree of peace does not grow on barren land while the fruit of development is not produced amidst flames of war.” China, growing from a poor and weak country, deeply knows the relationship between peace and development. To promote security through development is the most important basis for China to safeguard global peace and security.
By jointly constructing the Belt and Road Initiative with relevant countries, China has built new platforms for these countries to enhance cooperation and improve security environment.
Peaceful cooperation is a foundation for global security. The Cold War mentality and zero-sum game followed by certain US politicians to seek the so-called absolute security of their own at the sacrifice of the interests of other countries go against world peace and stability, as well as the trend of time.
“The wise pursue kindness and peace; only the fool are bent on strife and war.” The choice between isolation and win-win cooperation has already been made by those who love peace and look forward to the future prosperity.
(Zhong Sheng is a pen name used by People’s Daily to express views on foreign policy.)